Saturday, June 28, 2014


Recently on Twitter, BCW Supplies posted a pic of something I knew I could really use and I knew many other collectors could use too.

If you are like me and collect a lot of sports cards and store most of them, sets, commons, inserts, etc in 300-800 ct white boxes and they seem to be lying around everywhere in your house..well...BCW has a solution for you! It's called the BCW SHOE HOUSE WITH 6 SHOE BOXES.

I received this new product in yesterday and went right to putting it together.

The shoe boxes come in three flat pieces:

The middle divider
The cover
The Bottom Box
The box didn't have instructions on how to put these together, but it was pretty self explanatory when you looked at them. I am someone who can barely put a nail in the wall straight, but I easily put these together.

But I will quickly give you a sum-up on how to put them together.
  1. Start with the middle section and fold it into itself so that the white is showing upwards. This will make more sense once you see it.
  2. Take the bottom and fold in the longer sides first. Place the middle section in the middle of the box between the two longer sides you folded in. You will notice that the shorter sides have cut-outs where they will fit tightly around the middle section once you fold them in around it. Boom. Bottom box is now put together
  3. The cover, you fold in the longer sides and seal them in with the shorter ones. Like I said, this was pretty easy to do but don't be ashamed to ask for help. If you do buy this and cannot figure it out, please feel free to contact me with questions at
    Here is what the inside of the boxes look like:

    Each box holds around 1600 cards and the total Shoe House can hold up to 9600 with all 6 boxes. The cards you can fit in here can range from base cards, cards in toploaders and cards in one-touches. I tried to fit a graded card in here but was a little too wide.

    The Shoe House came in 4 pieces (1 outside, 3 inner) that I struggled with it at first especially with the inner pieces, so I emailed BCW with questions on it and they were more than helpful giving the following instructions:

    "Fold the outside box, overlapping the flaps on the bottom. Tape is recommended."
    "Fold the 3 inner pieces, folding so the white is out. The small flaps also fold out."
    "Interlock the 3 inner pieces. Insert the 3 inter pieces with the small flaps to the outside."
    I than realized I was actually just one step away from completing it. I just needed to fold the inner 3 pieces. Overall looking back on it, I could have done it without the help had I looked a little more.
    Anyways, here is the finished product:

    Boxes in:

    After completion of it, I realized how much nicer things will look when I switch everything over to the shoe boxes especially after seeing what my white card box area looks like right now:
    The numbers on my boxes represent what's inside each one..clever huh?
    Overall, this is going to be a very helpful product containing my card overflow in the man-cave and if you have this problem it will help you as well. It should house most of the cards I have so I can move out these smaller boxes and slide this nicely organized shoe box house in its place.

    If you like what you see and will find it useful, I know you do and will, you can locate this item on BCW's website HERE. Let me know your thoughts on this item as well and if you would find it useful.

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