Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Retail Break Em: 2014 Upper Deck Football Blaster Box

Recently I made a trade with Jonathan Hoffman, you can see the article about that trade HERE, and as part of the trade i acquired a blaster box of 2014 Upper Deck football as I was trying to continue to load up on my rookie cards early on and possibly, though I think he won't pan out in the NFL, get a UD card of Johnny Manziel. Even though once again I failed to get his card, 2 rack packs and a blaster later, I felt there was plenty of value in this blaster box.

Check it out:

Seems these guys fall in every UD product I buy...not that I care...these guys are going to be stars!

Pulled a nice high numbered Sp, wished it was a better player, but I will take it!

You find Bo in Blaster boxes!

You either can get a 5 card Johnny Manziel card pack (I am thinking Target must be exclusive to those) or a 5 card Rookie Exclusive pack (which must be a Walmart one) that includes top rookies:

Overall, between pulling the tough Sp, the Rookie Exclusive cards and plenty of power player rookies in this blaster, I felt money (well trade money) well spent. More than likely, I would give this another shot.

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