Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 3 June Contest Winner!

Well, another decent turnout for our June contest with 27 entries! Most of you picked ST. Louis to win which that was the first step. However, only 4 of you chose the total score of the game to be 8. So I had to turn to the third tie-breaker which all 4 went WAY over on the total of 5. However, one was the closest and that one is this weeks winner...a congrats goes out to....Tracy LeVeaux for winning this weeks contest and making it into the WINNERS CIRCLE for a chance at some great prizes in October. Tracy, please contact me through email at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com or DM me on Twitter.

Now with all three winners chosen, it's time for them to pick their prizes! First, I must note, due to Jammin JDcards not breaking boxes until the fall again, prizes from them had to be changed and will be changed going forward til this contest ends in October.

So here are this months updated prizes:
And this from BCW Supplies: A box magnetics holders

Now onto the random to see who will pick their prizes first.... 

After 8 randoms (the total score of last nights game) the following order is:

There were 3 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Dennis (Seahawksfan605)
  2. Tracy LeVeaux
  3. @APetrelak
Timestamp: 2014-06-17 13:43:16 UTC
You have randomized this list 8 times.

Dennis, please pick your prize first from the list and comment below. Tracy, you follow after him and @APetrelak will get the remaining prize.

Congrats again to all of our winners in June and July's contest is coming up next month! Speaking of July's contest, that contest setup will be much different than this months and it will stay that way going forward. Stay tuned! You should also stay tuned to next week when I will be again joining forces with Pack Gambler on another great contest!

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