Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 2014 Topps Series 2 Baseball 6 Pack Break

With every new baseball card release I try to pick some up especially when there are some good rookies to chase after. With the recent release of Topps Series 2 baseball I was at an LCS on vacation so figured, hey, why not.

My main goal in the product was to find rookie cards of Tanaka and Abreu. Though my six packs didn't provide me those, I did get a few other pretty cool cards instead.

Now onto the break. As always with my Hobby or Retail Break 'Em's I show off all of my "hits" along with a pic of a base, rookie and subset card if there.

A different kind of base card pic:

Good rookie pickup in Beckham. Maybe next time on Abreu and Tanaka. I also pulled two inserts in this pic as well including only my third Power Player. I haven't been too fortunate with those yet.

Two gold numbered parallels and two sweet looking red ones:

And finally a 75th anniversary buyback that falls 1:18 packs where Topps takes an original card and stamps it with Topps 75.
Overall, I felt good about this break. I wished I could have gotten the rookies I wanted but I did get a few decent insert pulls and I found the buyback card was pretty cool despite not being a big player pull.

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