Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Goodbye and Hello

In life each day we say hello and goodbye to people we see, yesterday I had to do this in a different form, Blog form.

Yesterday marked the final post on That 90's Sport Card Blog possibly forever. As I mentioned, the blog will always stay "alive" and there is always that possibility of its return. However, as of now, it has it's final post.

Now you may question why I let go of That 90's Sport Card Blog when my head has been back in the 90's collecting mode. Well, there were many factors and here they are.
  1. The view count despite my best efforts were not there compared to the work I was putting in. It wasn't even close to evening out. On an average day it was being seen 24-45 times. On an average day this blog is seen 300-500 times. That is quite a difference and I gave That 90's Sport Card Blog three months to get it going but it just wouldn't pick up.
  2. It is also very time consuming to run two blogs and I feel my efforts on here were lacking and the blog with the lesser views was taking all of my time.
  3. This blog is needing something fresh as well. The Cards Of The Week posts just aren't hitting a quota I put them at. Changes are needed and since I am such a huge fan of 90's collecting and now that I have tons of posts that need to go somewhere, I hope that incorporating them into Sport Card Collectors in a couple of weeks will get them seen more. Yes, this is also way of saying early on, once again, REALLY BIG CHANGES will be coming to this blog.
Though it was really tough to say Goodbye to That 90's Sport Card Blog as I was really liking the color and layout of the blog and the posts, I put a positive spin on it as I got to say Hello to the new additions it will bring to this blog by combining it with this one Which I think will be a very fun combination and I look forward to showing you some INCREDIBLE MIND-BLOWING CARDS!

Thanks to everyone who spent time on That 90's Sport Card Blog and showed their support. Like I stated, right now it is dead but you never know, just like 90's collecting, it could make a return!

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