Thursday, July 3, 2014

Is Upper Deck's Series 1 And 2 Hockey The Ideal Product?

Is Upper Deck Series 1 and Series 2 hockey the ideal product? The simple answer is yes. The next question you may ask is why do I think this? Well, that's what this post is all about as I am going to break it all down for you.

First, look at the base cards. Great action shots and there are 400 base cards (without the sp's) in a base set between Series 1 and 2 which is ideal for both set collectors and for team collectors.

Secondly, the rookie cards fall 1:6 packs and there is 100 of them between both series making the overall base set at 500 whopping cards. There are not many sets this big on the market anymore for set collectors.

I think it also really helps having the rookies fall at a tough pull. I think that it helps do one of two things, one, it makes trying to put a set together challenging and noteworthy when you do, two, it makes the rookie cards valuable which isn't the case for any other product out there that doesn't have their rookies either numbered, with a jersey swatch or an autograph. This is just a basic rookie card that can be more valuable than the ones with all of the pizzazz.

Another thing I like about this product, are the inserts. They are very creative, look nice and don't fall one-in-every pack. When you pull one, like this one below that fell at !:300+ odds, you feel like a champion! They also have rare base card parallels too that aren't corny like "guys head turned left" or "small glisten on his necklace". These are obvious low numbered parallels that have high values.

One more key with this product is it's memorabilia and autographed cards. None of this four or five hits per box, you literally get one Game Jersey per box which finally cuts down on the overproduction of them. As for the autographs, they are rarer than rare as most are 1: in the 1,000's to pull. Both of these keys help drive values up for both the game jersey cards and the autographs so when you pull one your more than likely to get something more than a $5 card.

Finally, the cost is great. $2.99-$3.50 per pack retail and hobby which is very reasonable for kids and adults alike especially with a chance at the value the product provides. Hobby boxes also run under $70 and in most boxes you get good value and feel like you had gotten your moneys worth.
Taking all of these things into consideration, I think you have a winner of a product. I would like to see Upper Deck expand upon this in the future (especially if they get other pro licenses back) and for other companies to take note for all of their products. Sometimes something as simple as this is the better option over all of the flashiness out on the market that provides a lot less.

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