Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Topps Heritage Baseball 2-Hobby Pack Break

As we move into the second day of vacay show offs, after trying out the Topps Heritage minors I showed off yesterday, I decided that I needed to pick out two hobby packs of 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball too. And that is what I am showing off today.

Sorry for lack of pack pic, I forgot to take it. But here is the breakdown anyways.

Each hobby pack of 2015 Topps Heritage baseball comes with 9 cards. I kinda overpaid for my two packs at $4.50 each, but that's okay, I was helping out an LCS. If paying a bit more to keep a card shop alive I don't mind. Normally, they should be just under $3.

The base card design is from the 1966 Topps set. I got to add this Prado to my Yankee PC.

I also found a high number Sp of Ian Desmond. These fall 1:3 hobby packs.

And a rookie card. Also pulled a 1966 Topps Flashbacks card. I really like these and they fall 1:12 hobby packs.

And I also pulled one of these in each of my packs. Not sure what the odds are on these and they are unnumbered. But as a refractor fan and chromie, despite the Red Sox, I am a huge fan.
Overall, not bad at all for two packs. 2 purple refractors, a 1:12 insert, an Sp, a rookie and a few partridges in a pear tree. I won't complain at all. To me, money well spent.


  1. Supposedly, there's one "hot box" per case--a "hot Box" these days meaning that every pack in the box contains a purple refractor. Someone did the math and there are supposedly fewer purple refractors of each card than regular refractors--which are numbered to 566 and can be pulled 1 per 41 packs. As with the regular refractors, only 100 cards in the set get the treatment. Like I said, someone else did the math, so I'm just taking their word for it. Without doing the math myself, it would seem to me as though there'd be more purples than plain refractors, since a box has 24 packs (therefore 24 purples per case) while regular refractors are slightly less than one per box (thus roughly 12 refractors per case). But what do I know?

    1. Now that you mention it, I do remember the purple refractors. But yes, I completely get what you are saying. Purples aren't numbered and there are twice as many per case. Def not tougher.