Sunday, July 26, 2015

LOTS Of Baseball Inserts, A Grady M. Mail Day Part 2

Today's Part 2 of my Grady M. mail day consists of tons of baseball inserts. I should sit down sometime and see if I am close or have any of the sets from his multiple mailings. Maybe a project for another day.

Today's project was getting this second part of the mail day posted as I have three more posts to go after this.

Let's kick off today with some mini disks that came from 2013 Panini Cooperstown. Love the Young photo and could be fun one to caption. You know, "ooops, I did it again." "Promise I won't let another one rip at the table" "Wait, what are you trying to say?! I am smiling!"

Up next is a nice lot including a few numbered ones. I thought the Mauer Double Play card was pretty cool.

More Topps inserts from 2015 along with a few cards from Cooperstown.

Throwin it back a bit right here with inserts from Heritage and Allen and Ginter (plus Opening Day that got slipped into the photo somehow)

More goodness as we march on

Once again, big fan of the design of the top insert here.

Two more of my favorite inserts from Topps was Glove Stories and Robbed In Left/Right

Some great players here

And here. Along with some Stadium Club gold. My focus is still on the base card photos.

And still my favorite insert from Topps Series 1 and 2 in many years is the First Pitch insert. Love the celebrity/baseball mash-up. Now if I could only get the "Fluffy" one I desire.
Another nice round of inserts here. Like I stated above, I really need to sit down and gather them all together to see what sets I can accomplish. Yes, set collectors still do exist :)

Part 3 of my Grady M. mail day will be coming up soon!

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