Thursday, July 9, 2015

Make Your Call.....CALL YOUR SHOT...Well I Did

As I stated a few days ago on my Breakin Wax 10 Pack break of 2015 Topps Series 2, I would inform you of my results of the Call Your Shot game card. Well, today, was the day I scratched it. It was almost like a scratch ticket,except I didn't get my results immediately so it left it hanging with a bit of drama.


I called for the home run of an autographed relic on the card knowing my odds ahead of time were well against me. But, I wanted the gamble knowing this may be my only shot.

Well, unlike The Babe, I couldn't call my shot.
Shucks! I didn't expect to win, but seeing the loss for real made things more real lol.

So this also leads to a topic today as well. How many of you have actually "called your shot?" And what did you get? Can't wait to hear your responses especially from actual people who have won.


  1. I attempted the auto/relic combo on 5 or 6 of these from series 1. Sadly, I struck out each time.

  2. Between Series 1 and 2, I know I entered more than 30 codes. From all of those, I won one time. Still waiting to see what I won.

  3. I think I did one, I just tried for the autograph but didn't win.