Friday, July 10, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Stadium Club Baseball 8-Hobby Pack Break

Topps Stadium Club has everything that I look for in a product. Amazing photography on base cards, reminiscent inserts and to me a lack of focus on the hits. This is the first product in awhile that brings me back.

I wanted to open more than what I did, but I also wanted to spread my funds around as much as possible so was glad to open what I did. Gone are the mini boxes of last year and it welcomes a hobby box of 16 packs. I like the change.

What did I find and what were my thoughts? Well, read on.

In every hobby pack of 2015 Topps Stadium Club baseball are 8 cards with one of them being an insert. Each pack for me was $7 but I got it at an LCS so I assume they must be about $5 normally. Once again, I don't mind supporting an LCS seeing what it's like without one where I live.

Each Stadium Club base card is simple but masterfully done. No borders. No bold names and oversized font. No colored backgrounds. Just plain...wait for it.....BASEBALL! Isn't that why we buy baseball cards?  It doesn't have to always be about the pizazz! Give us baseball. Bring us closer to the game!

Here are my Yankee PC adds from my packs. I really like the angle on the Ellsbury, great photo choice.

Here are my gold foil parallels. I don't even care about them being parallels. Look at that clear photography especially the Strasburg..

Legends are in the set as well.

I pulled a few other non-parallel inserts as well. These all fall one-per-box. I pulled a Jackie Robinson as my Legends Die Cut. You can't see it but these also have a rainbow shine to them too.

Love these! Luminous inserts are basically Finest cards and these as well are die cut. Brings me back to the 90's.

To my surprise, I also found an autograph. With this having been a fresh box and with me buying half of it, I was pretty stoked to had hit one of the autos and a black foil /49 as well. There was a change to these as well as the white background to the on-card autographs from last year has disappeared leaving for a much cleaner look.
I was once again left impressed by Stadium Club. My only dream would be that they make a football version as well. However, with Topps in their final year with the NFL license, I can only assume my dreams will be squashed. But at least I have a pretty impressive baseball version to enjoy for awhile.

What are your thoughts on Stadium Club? Is there anything you would add to improve it? Take away? Let me hear your thoughts!


  1. I was happy to see they made it a retail product this year and have pretty much stuck with the same inserts that made SC fun over the years.

  2. I could do without the inserts, but otherwise this might be one of the best Stadium Club offerings yet! Pricey, yes, but that isn't anything new for TSC. Still worth the trouble. And, I agree with Matthew--thank God Topps came to their senses and released it via retail in addition to hobby.

  3. Love that Stargell. This is easily my favorite base set of the year. Already picked up a set on eBay and placed it in a binder.