Monday, July 20, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Fleer Ultra Series 1 Football Box

Fleer Ultra. A brand that many can appreciate from it's open base card photography to its well designed inserts. I know it's one of my ALL TIME favorite products and I am glad that Upper Deck found a way to bring back the classic brand last year. Because something this good, just shouldn't die.

So to continue off from that auction lot I posted about awhile back, I will be now be breaking down the box of 1995 Fleer Ultra football I opened. I will also reveal what I paid for it and what Beckett "value" I got vs cost. I will be doing that for each of the boxes I got from the auction just for fun. So hold on tight.....this is going to be one great ride!

In every box of 1995 Fleer Ultra football is 36 packs. In each pack there is 12 cards with one of those cards being a Gold Medallion. Boxes run now-a-days for $25 or so.

The base card design for Fleer Ultra is magnificent. No borders, a gold foil for the players name and team name and some great photography. I couldn't be happier with these base cards.

Even the backs of the cards are nicer than some base done now. A three picture layout with a touch of gold foil for the players name, very nice!

Here are some of the key rookies I pulled including Kerry Collins, Tyrone Wheatley, Ty Law and Steve McNair. The players for the most part are featured in their college uni's or training camp ones.

As I stated above, there is one Gold Medallion per pack. They are some of the coolest parallels I have seen. The card is completely gold foil except the player. I thought to show you an example it was best to put the base and parallel next to each other.

Here are the other Gold Medallions in the box including six NY Giants, Troy Aikman and 2 Emmitt Smiths.

Now it's time for the rest of the inserts. Just like 1995 Fleer, 1995 Ultra didn't have specific odds per insert. They ranged from 1:5-1:37 according to the package. But, I think it's safe to say you can tell which ones are tougher.

Just like with my first box break from the auction, the 1995 Fleer, my second break also had issues with insert collation. But, that didn't get me down. Look at these really sweet designed Award Winners. I really like the trophy hidden in the background. Somebody knew how to design a themed insert.

I even got a Gold Medallion parallel of them too!

Up next is Ultra Achievement. Very 90's colorful.

Next is 2nd Year Standouts. Pretty cool layout on these.

Up next, Touchdown Kings. Odd choice of players other than Young, but I did get a Gold Medallion parallel of Carl Pickens.

Then 1st Rounders. Best ones were the Joey Galloway and Warren Sapp.

And my big hit of the box, rumored to fall at 1:37 and is the best one out of the set if not the entire product (Other than it's Gold Medallion parallel version of course)..... an acetate Rising Star of Brett Favre!!!!

Overall, big scores galore here. The Emmitt Smith Gold Medallions are not shabby, I got plenty of the good rookies and the Brett Favre Rising Star set me over the top with excitement. Plus it was a lot of fun being able to go back and bust something I opened a lot of in the 90's. Trust me, if you were a collector in the 90's and busted one of these, you would feel the same.

Sadly due to the amount of cards in the box, I probably wouldn't open another but you can never count that out with a right deal :)

Now for the breakdown. I took the inserts, star players and rookies and got a rough Beckett Book Value for it:

Here is what I paid: $4.50 for the box
Here is what I roughly got in Beckett Book Value from it: $201

Seems I did extremely well. I already felt like that without the numbers.


  1. Oh man, that Favre card is amazing! Nice hit! I'm a huge fan of this product as well, especially those gold medallion parallels. Those things really shine!

  2. Nice!! That Favre card alone is big!