Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time To Say Goodbye

It has taken me months to realize that I just don't have the time/energy/other reasons to run multiple blogs and every time I try to start to post on them, I realize it more and more. I think that is why I have also taken some of what I wanted from each blog and added it to Sport Card Collectors to make it one blog and not four. That may be part of the reason why I believe Sport Card Collectors has had it's best year yet and why I finally am happy with the way it's turning out.

With myself finally facing this sad reality, I have decided to say goodbye to my other blogs. Yes, I have tried this before, but this time it's for real. I am not going back to them. The final posts on there are the final posts.

So let's send these off for the final time. If you hadn't checked them out before, well, here you go. I have also made a few small notes below with each blog giving you a quick rundown on each and another tidbit or two.

Enjoy and make sure you say your final goodbye to new posts on these other blogs :)

THE CARD BIN: I started this blog up to do more opinion stories, personal collecting and writing at a time when Sport Card Collectors had just been about card pictures. Well, as you have seen, I have steadily increased more writing on here and more about what I collect so I must thank The Card Bin blog for that.

That 90's Sport Card Blog: Still one of my favorites of the group especially in terms of design and boldness. But, I have increased a 90's presence on here and plan to do even more with it down the road. So the need for a separate blog based on this topic isn't really needed though it was fun.

The Trading Card Want List: The baby of the group. I was really hoping this would take off but it never did. All I was attempting to do was help collectors fill their want lists but listing them out for other collectors. It was easy to use but nobody ever used it. So what started as a dream, fell to the hashtag #CollectFail.

Even though I am a bit sad about ditching these, I know that they will always still live on as I don't plan on pulling them down. I also know that a part of them exists right here on this blog.

So please goodbye to my other blogs. Sport Card Collectors however WILL continue on!

Do you blog? How many blogs do you run? Did you think blogging would be so time consuming when first starting?


  1. Aw, sorry to hear it, Mr. Sport Card Collectors (whatever your real name is)! Gonna miss you.

    I just run one blog.. but it can be time consuming.. I've also got a few websites and long-shot ambitions of being a respected musician. Add to that a wife and a dog I spoil, even with no kids, free time is tight. Luckily my current job has a bit of free time for which I can blog and read blogs. I've definitely thought about throwing in the towel, but it's still a lot of fun for me and I love trading with fellow bloggers and reading about their new acquisitions and whatnot. Anyways, best of luck to you in life, my friend!

    1. Thanks but I wanted to clarify I a monkey retiring the other three blogs. I will continue to blog strong on here, I fixed a few wordings in the article that may have sounded like I was walking away as I dont want people to think
      That. I plan on continuing blogging on here for awhile. I just couldn't handle doing 4 blogs

    2. Man my autocorrect on the phone is awful! I am not a monkey, it was supposed to say I am only retiring the other three blogs

    3. Lol, you're a monkey! Glad to hear you'll still be around. I probably shouldn't read/comment-on blogs after a few drinks.. easily confused in such a state! haha. Long live SCC!

    4. Lol. Your comment had me worried that others may read it wrong. I have been blogging for over three years and have no intentions to stop. I just couldn't handle three other blogs and had to let them go. I thought the post with a catchy title would help but almost made things bad lol.

      As soon as I saw your comment I had to respond then had to tweet at you to save myself lol. Didn't want people thinking I was closing up this blog lol

  2. I was a fan of all your blog's, but I think you can merge em all together & your following will adapt.
    I look forward to the future of your blog. Keep on doin what ur doin :)

    1. Thanks David! I really appreciate the support and your dedication to coming to read what I post. I don't plan on changing a thing besides bringing in more fun stuff :)

  3. As long as you maintain a 90's presence on here... I'll be content ;)

    In all seriousness... you were running four blogs? Are you insane? I barely have time for one blog. You sir... deserve a ribbon.

    1. 90's content will increase once I get caught up. I have a ton of content to post about just not enough time to upload it all yet. And I already have a ton I do have uploaded I need to tackle first lol.

      Sadly at one point, I had 6 blogs going. Two are gone for good and one was a football blog just about the NFL. But I found out very quickly that one blog is more than enough. I however don't plan on leaving Sport Card Collectors for a very long time.

  4. From the post title I too thought at first you were saying goodbye to blogging completely. I didn't know it was just a reduction from multiple blogs.

    I Know the feeling. I have 3 Blogs My regular Trading Card Blog ( my DC Baseball Specific Blog "Curly W Cards" ( and my regular personal generic blog ( that is my oldest blog and has a few card related things from its early days before I had started my general card blog. I don't post my card stuff on it anymore. My generic blog I made a personal pledge to post at the very least one post a month. I soon sort of made that pledge about my card blogs.

    1. I almost changed the title fearing collectors and fellow bloggers would think I am stepping away. But, I am far from that. I want and plan on blogging for awhile. This is probably the most fun I am having in my three years of blogging. There were points last year I almost hung it up because I wasn't happy in the direction of the blog, but I kept pushing myself through it. Glad I did. But four are way too much.

      I will have to add your DC blog to my read list and check it out as well.. Didn't know you had others.

      I post on here daily. It may not always be a long article, but I promised I would continue that and haven't missed a day. Things like Hobby Topic, Caption This and 90's Flashback help fill in the days where I don't have time. It's a good balance finally and not draining me or making me dread coming on here.