Thursday, July 30, 2015

SURPRISE! A Giant Mail Day From Up North

I have a few mail days I have been waiting on, so when I went to pick up the mail yesterday, one struck me odd. It was a package from my good buddy up north, @DVass16. What struck me odd? I wasn't expecting a mail day from him.

So as giddy as a little kid at Christmas, I tore open the package before I reached my vehicle and smiled at the results within. Inside was a note from @DVass16 "hoping that these would help my PC" and boy did they!

First up, a numbered Eli Manning insert

Next up is three cards for my continuing Rueben Randle PC. I haven't added to it in awhile so adding three new cards to it really helps. First up is this big sized red-color jersey swatch. Looks really sweet and is kinda unique cause the jersey is wrinkled. The only thing that has ever bugged me about Inception is the 00 jerseys. For the love of Topps put a number on them!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't pulled or owned a Fabric Of The Game in YEARS. To have one that spells out Giants and of Randle...BOOOO YAAAHH!

And finally, a sweet patch /49 from Absolute Memorabilia!!
A HUMUNGOUS thanks goes out to my buddy @DVass16!! I really appreciate the surprise mail day. You are truly a great guy and I am proud to call you my friend. Thanks again!

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