Monday, July 20, 2015

UPDATES! Rueben Randle Rainbow, Andre Williams, 90's Spx Project

I was thinking that it was about time I gave an update on some of my chases since it has been awhile since they have been mentioned on here. The sad thing is there isn't much of an update.

Let's start off with an update on the 90's Spx Project where I have been trying to complete all Spx base sets from 96-98 from all sports. Well, there isn't one. I haven't been able add any recently but I am still keeping an eye out and they are still on My Most Wanted list with a bunch of other items both hard and easy.

Up next, my Rueben Randle 2012 Topps Chrome rainbow. I am trying so hard to finish up my first rainbow. The first 9 pieces of my rainbow came for under $20 and I was rolling. Since then, I sadly watched the Super disappear from eBay as it was too high for me but not for someone else. Currently I am watching the GOLD and RED refractors on eBay waiting til I can afford them. Luckily they haven't sold in months and keep being relisted.

As for Andre Williams, I have only added a few of cards to that PC since my last update. Nothing too big, but every piece counts.


I hope to add some more to these chases in the next few months and re-update you all at that point.

Til then, thanks for reading and keep checking in!

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