Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shiny Goodness, A Grady M Mail Day Part 5: The Finale!

In the finale of my Grady M mail day, I take a look at the SHINY goodness that a Grady M mail day always brings. This one brought some greatness as well.

First up, Heritage Chrome and refractors. The Shields are both refractors despite my pic not showing it that well.

Up next is rainbow parallels from Topps 2015 including one for the Yanks PC.

Bowman makes an appearance as well. Here and

Here. I really like the look of these. Got two big hurts and a Bernie for the Yanks PC.

I had never seen Cooperstown up close til this mail day. Pretty impressive parallels including a cracked ice.

I wished Panini carried these over into a new Pinnacle product. I loved these not only for the design, because there were different levels to collect. Some were tougher to pull than others and they actually had some value.

More paralels. Love the glimmer.

And then I will end this mail day showing with my favorite parallels, outside of Chrome, Prizm ones. Some great ones here too especially the Red/White/Blue.
A tremendous mail day from Grady as always. Thanks again buddy for the great stuff for my PC and I am putting together a package, though slowly, to ship back to you as well. I look forward to the next as well :)

I hope you all have enjoyed this 5-part mail day series.

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