Monday, July 6, 2015

Swingin For The Fences: A Jammin JDcards Mail Day Part 1

As everyone knows, I am on a mission. A mission I like to call....#MissionGriffey.

One of the places I like to search and pick up new Griffeys is Jammin JDcards. I find reasonable deals and there is plenty of selection. So in my latest round of Griffey pickups from Jammin, I stick to my basics and get base and low end inserts to help fill in a couple spots. There is a big mountain to climb in #MissionGriffey, so it's best just to take it from the bottom first and then try to claw my way up.   

Some great finds here with the Tale Of The Tape, sparkly and a nice looking card in Unforgettable Moments.

Added yet another insert and a Topps Heritage base. The Heritage base has a great design and the picture is very clear.

And to wrap up the #MissionGriffey mail day is this PowerDeck insert. You know, the cards that were done on a CD. Gotta give two thumbs up to Upper Deck's innovation in the 90's. Still really wished they did MLB cards now.
Overall, I added 7 new Griffeys to cross off my checklist. And in case you are wondering, I am still highlighting cards off from it and hopefully by the end of summer will have the checklist all caught up and have a number of Griffeys I own. That's my goal anyways and as long as there is no interruptions, I should have it done.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Jammin JDcards mail day that will publish tomorrow afternoon. 2 sweet autograph additions.

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