Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Miss The Hobby Episode 1

I miss the hobby.......back when an LCS was around. The joy of taking that 20 minute drive to meet up with other collectors and discuss the hobby was always an amazing experience. It was also something that my father and I did every Saturday and left those everlasting memories.

Now, there is a pizza shop (there have been a few businesses that have bounced in and out from that location since) where the LCS once stood over 20 years ago.Yes, I love pizza and the extraordinary smell and taste of it. But, there was just something about the smell of a card shop and the scent that wafts from a fresh pack of cards.You can make memories at a pizza shop, but they won't ever be the same offering a card shop would give.

I wished someday that a new LCS would open up somewhere, but I know the sad reality, there won't ever be one. The loss of that LCS killed the hobby off around my area and the collectors that were once around, are no more. I know I am probably not the only one in this boat as I see collectors across social media discussing daily about not having an LCS. I know you feel for me as I feel for you.

Every day the hobby changes, some things are positive, some are not. This series will take a look at the sad realities not only affecting me, but affecting the hobby as well. Some of these you may agree with, some you may not. Others you may not think about their impact. So stay tuned for more!

Do you have an LCS? If not, what do you miss about it? If you do, tell me about it.


  1. yes I have a LCS in the Mall which im not thrilled with. I have lasting Memories about my best friend who had a LCS. use to visit everyday talk Sports and the Industry. sad day when he had to close I remember helping him move everything. but he passed on his Collection to his kids which is good...

  2. The LCS in my area has slowly morphed from sports cards to magic cards. Every once in a while, I will get an email from the owner saying he has some baseball cards for me to look at. I usually buy them. But those emails have slowly become farther and farther apart. I stopped in a week ago to see if he had got any Topps series 2 baseball. Alas, he said he can't compete with the online retailers like Dave and Adams. So he didn't get any. He is only magic now. Although it seems to be doing good for him. When I was there last week, there must have been close to 30 people in that tiny shop all looking for magic cards.

  3. There's on LCS left in my area... approximately 20 to 30 minutes away. I miss LCS's mainly for nostalgic reasons. Like you mentioned... it was a place for me to hang with people who also collected cards.

    But I've got to admit... when I jumped back into the hobby in 2008, there were still three card shops in my area and I didn't really spend money with them (except for supplies every now and then). Due to rent and other expenses, they are forced to sell stuff for more than what I can find on the internet... and as a guy who's on a budget, I typically purchased 95% of my cards online.

    In short... I miss my LCS. But even if they opened one down the street from me, I probably wouldn't buy a lot of stuff from them. UNLESS they had things like "trade nights" or "pack war Wednesdays". Those were always fun... and then I didn't mind spending a little extra money at the LCS.