Monday, July 27, 2015

Contest Mail Day From Baseball Card Breakdown Part 1:The Yanks Are Coming!

THE YANKS ARE COMING! THE YANKS ARE COMING! Well, actually, they are here. And a lot of them showed up.

Last week I won a contest on Baseball Card Breakdown blog (one of the many blogs on my read list you guys should check out if you haven't yet), Yes, I know. I go through streaks of winning contests. I don't do anything different than the rest who enter contests do. I just happen to pick the right numbers, score or RT at the right time. The horseshoe sometimes fits and other times I am my feet are too big. It's all about luck.

Today, I received my winnings. I didn't know what to expect and was blown away with how much was sent.

Normally with such a good sized mail day, I would just set out a few cards to show off, but this particular mail day I wanted to show off how full blown it was. I had so much packed into the box he sent, that I had to split this into two posts. The other part will be posted tomorrow. All I can say is there is an amazing guy over at Baseball Card Breakdown that's for sure.

This part of the mail day had a TON of Yankees. Brands, years and players ranged from all over. It was quite impressive to see all that was in there.

Enough with me rambling on, time to see some pics!

Cano and many more here:

Nice Rivera adds here:

Gotta appreciate how well this Bowman design was done.

A good mix of rookies and players here. Inserts as well.

Now we keep rolling with the final two pics that are all Archives. Great players too!

My impression of part one was excitement and my looking forward to sorting these into my Yanks binder. Most of these I don't have so this will help pad my Yankees collection a bit.

If you guys think Part 1 is impressive, stay tuned for tomorrow's finale!


  1. Glad you like the cards! Yeah, the Yankees section of my tradebox was getting bloated so I was happy to thin it out on a deserving guy such as yourself. Congrats again!

  2. Wow what a great Yanks lot! So many cool Yankee cards !!!