Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Miss The Hobby Episode 2

I miss the hobby.....back when card shows were around.There was nothing more fun than spending a few hours on a Sunday strolling through and hanging out at a card show.

Every third Sunday of the month, 20 years ago, there used to be a card show. This card show was located about an half hour from my house, so the trip wasn't too shabby, and was held inside of a VFW Hall. There wasn't a lot of tables usually set up, roughly 20 maybe 30 on a good day, but it was worth the trip to interact with other collectors and see if they had anything you needed. And of course to buy some unopened wax from the card shop owner who ran the show.

The cost to enter the show was $2 and it also gave you a ticket for a chance at prizes that were drawn every hour. The longer you were there for, the better chance you had to win a prize. It's been awhile but if I recall correctly, I must had won that four times at least.

Having gone to that show for many years also created many memories. The two that stood out the most was one I had shared on here previously about my friends uncle pulling the Joe Montana autographed card from 1996 Spx football right after I had bought packs from the same box. My second memory was pulling a 1996 Zenith Z-Team Emmitt Smith from a fresh box of 1996 Zenith. I had six offers up front for that card which later on I would end up trading. Oddly enough I am in search of one to add to my collection now in memory of pulling that one. They seem to be very tough to find as I all I can locate are "promo" versions.

In Episode 1, I shared how I missed having a card shop around and how I don't ever expect one around again, well, same goes for a card show too. It's a just something I have known for awhile and have dealt with in different ways. In this hobby, you learn to adjust.

Stay tuned for more I Miss The Hobby segments coming up!

Do you still have card shows you can go to? What's your favorite part? Least favorite? If you don't have one, how do you replace the feeling of having one? Let me hear your thoughts!


  1. I've got a monthly card show at the mall that I always enjoy. It's tomorrow, in fact! Very excited. My favorite part is finding cool cards for cheap. My least favorite.. hmm.. stinky guys who don't respect personal space? Dealers with crappy cards and/or high prices. Apparently there's a great card shop near me, but I think the card show is good enough for me. I'm afraid to check out the LCS because it might be too good and I'd spend all my money there.!!lol

  2. I have my pick of up to three shows within an hour's drive (or two in under 25 minutes). My favorite part of these shows honestly are talking baseball and cards with the vendors whom I see on a regular basis. My least favorite part? Guys who believe in book value!

  3. I hear ya. I totally miss the local card shows. In the early 90's, there were two, sometimes three shows a week in my area. On top of that there were at least five card shops within a 20 mile radius. These days I have four, five, maybe six card shows to choose from in a calendar year and only one card shop in a 20 mile radius. Well... on a positive note... at least we have a bunch of card blogs and bloggers to reach out to.

  4. Going to card shows is the thing I miss most about the hobby. My Dad would haul my brother and I around to every card in SW Florida. In the early 90's when we were 4th-8th grade that was at least twice a month. The mall, the local high school or a hotel would be loaded with 20-50 sellers every show. As I got older, I'd go alone. Usually I'd be the only girl there but I liked it that way. The sellers would usually give me great deals :)
    I haven't been to a show in years, but I'd love to go. Just looking through people's 10¢ boxes and searching for rookies or my favorite players. Generally former Ohio State Buckeyes.
    I guess I just miss the interaction with other collectors, but that's the case for so many aspects of life now.