Thursday, January 5, 2017

Padding The Vintage

My Tuesday was full of fun mail days including the one I posted yesterday and one that I am posting today (among a couple other really awesome eBay pickups). It was the most packages I have gotten since Christmas.

Today's posting comes from a contest win from @RJDUB81 on Twitter. Another good guy I suggest you follow.

Up first, some bad pics. HaHa. When the lighting hits the plastic top loader magic doesn't happen on my camera phone. Needs to be the right lighting and I was in a bit of a hurry to get this up so it wouldn't be weeks out.

But, I think you can see them still. I will do my best to summarize.

There is base of Langoria, Rice, shiny refractor of Tulo and The Kip Wells is die cut and numbered. It's a pretty sweet card.

Then comes some 90's goodness. Always loved the Hot Commodities design from UD. I didn't have the Smoltz so it's plus. There is a Rickey Henderson from Leaf, a Frank Thomas for my SI For Kids collections and a Fergie Jenkins base. But, its very shiny.

This David Justice card is simply awesome.It's a 1999 Fleer Metal Molten Fusion. Something I haven't owned or seen up close. Another plus to my 90's insert PC.

Hold it up to the light and it's even cooler.

A Fractal Matrix parallel I have never owned but now do. A plastic version. I always had the bronze or bronze die cuts. Never one like this. Pretty stoked to add this to the 90's PC. I always appreciate a nice 90's insert that's also numbered. A time when numbering, even to over 3,000, meant something. Go ahead and try looking some up.

Now onto some vintage. A part of my collection that is very, very weak as my collecting started in the 90's and the focus has always been then til now. But, when I have an opportunity to add to the vintage part of my collection, I am on-board. I have picked up a few from yard sales before.

We start it out with a nice oversized Brooks Robinson.

(I must also note the above was supposed to be the end of the contest win, but @RJDUB81 being the good guy he is, threw in a ton of vintage bonuses in)
Then we move onto many more from a variety of years.
Other than being a part of cardboard history and extremely collectible, vintage is also fun for the pictures they use. Some are great, some are ones I am sure players regret now. I bet if some people came upon these, Memes would be made.

Dick Donovan appears to be saying, "You talkin to me?"

This Mel Roach one was one of my favorites. It appears he is from the movie Psycho or is watching you out his window.

Not that the Johnny Romano is much better. He looks like a bad guy off of Dick Tracy.
No matter the picture however, I am super excited to pad my vintage collection a bit more. I didn't have any of these. The other fun part of vintage were the classic designs, feel and miscuts on the borders. Just adds to the history of these.

Someday I hope to add a vintage Mantle of some-sort and want a card, no matter the player, older than 1952. Preferably something 1933 or older.

A big thanks goes out to @RJDUB81 for this awesome lot. I really appreciate it all of it and it all fits nicely in different PC sections. I sometimes think I PC way too much, but, who's complaining?? 
As I stated above, I suggest you give him a follow as well.


  1. That Dave Justice card sure looks cool up against the light like that!

    1. I thought so. I held it up to the light and was excited how it turned out