Sunday, April 28, 2019

Unsolved Mysteries Episode 2

This blog post series is about unraveling unsolved mysteries from a card lot my mother-in-law bought me from an estate sale. What you are about to see isn't a breaking news broadcast or some new releases. There is a lot to go through here so whenever possible, I will try to condense down some of the graphics and whenever possible, real cards from the actual lot (well all of them are from the actual lot but let's have some fun with it) will be used for pictures.

Someone, somewhere can help me uncover the mysteries within this lot. Let's take a look and maybe one of you, will help me solve some mysteries.

*insert creepy music and theme song*

The location is still completely unknown where my Mother In Law went to grab this lot of sports cards other than it was a Estate Sale. Belief is, it was somewhere isolated as nobody grabbed them before she did. It may be the only explanation on why someone wouldn't have grabbed this lot before she showed up three hours after it started. Or maybe it was because the cards were more than they were expecting? Or was it a government conspiracy? I guess we will have to tune in to today's round and maybe you can help solve this mystery.

These Fleer All-Stars inserts are from 1993. They have a fairly decent design that would have fit better as a base card design than a 90's insert. Darren must know that or knows something possibly relating to this lot. Nobody makes a bluffing face better than he does.

Three Diamond Kings but only one Gallery of Stars. Mystery written all over it....

Two mid-tier players when it comes to the hobby and a more powerful one in Greg Maddux. Why would Greg had been left behind with two mediocre hobby power players?

Never knew that Jose Rijo was a League Leader....

Did the owner of these cards collect Nomar or the Red Sox? Or did the candy entice him because it came with an Upper Deck card? Or maybe he just liked the red licorice and the card was a bonus. It's a Twizzler of questions that need to be answered.

Some early 2000's Upper Deck hockey Young Guns. I don't know any of these players but Young Guns are Young Guns. They have to have some value or do they...

This was the one and only Donruss Classics card in the lot and is numbered of the great Stan Musial. But, why was he alone that day? And why Stan?

Shiny cards never get left behind...then why were they?

At one point Mark was a Hobby Master than he fell into some trouble later on his career. It's still a mystery on why he did what he did...

This Mike Piazza insert contains 4 out of 6 known steroid users in what was supposed to be called a Superstar Summit. It seems to me it needs to be renamed because real Superstars don't cheat, but what would you call it?

Back To Back Mike Piazza inserts to finish today's look at the lot. Did this collector have luck pulling Mike or did they collect him?

This does it for Episode Two of Unsolved Mysteries. There is a lot of unexplained findings here with even more mysteries to unravel. Tune in next time and Perhaps YOU, can help solve a mystery.


  1. My Darren-and two cards at that! I bought a lot of Ultra in 94. Safe to say at least 6 boxes. That's the biggest mystery to me.

  2. Twizzler cards? Never seen those before. Suddenly craving some licorice now.

    1. I hadn't either. Seems like a good marketing idea to me

  3. Really cool stuff. Never seen a Twizzlers card before. I like that Jose Rijo card too.