Saturday, October 16, 2021


Hello once again! Here is the latest installment of Pack Wars!

We have quite the battle going on today with the battle of Mega Boxes, one by Topps and one by Panini. There can only be one winner so let's check this out.

It's time to see if the Mega Box of 2021 Bowman I found at Walgreens can take down the Box of 2020 Optic Mega I trade for.

And it all starts now with Optic,
Carolina Blue Parallels

Mythical Inserts, Lindor is a silver Parallel

Alonso Silver

Daza Silver

Bart Silver

Inserts including a couple Gavin Lux and Acuna

Bo Bichette Rated Rookie

And a surprise auto....of a pitcher.

Now the Bowman Mega,
Prospect Parallels. Not too many big names in the mix

Rookies and Prospects I found

Top Players

Best Card?

I know many don't want to hear it or even see it, but Optic has gotta win here right? It had an auto, it had some good player parallels but is unlicensed. I want to hear your thoughts in comments below!


  1. Thanks for showing off the cards! Still can't get behind shiny pajamas, sorry.