Friday, October 15, 2021

The Latest

I haven't made a lot of trades this year like I have in years past, at least in the variety of traders I use. But, I have made some and even those some have backed me up with posts on the blog to do.

As I try to get my mind in the right place with blogging, I am still undecided on my future with it still and the direction I will take, I still have lots to post about regardless if anyone is reading these posts or not. September was a brutal month for numbers on this blog despite my new direction for it which is not a good sign of it's future. September both views (especially views) and comments took a BIG DIP. I am not talking a few here and there, I am talking a ton. Comparing August and September on there, there was a 17,000 view difference and in terms of comments, that was cut in half. It's the kind of thing that drives you away some. It's probably the main reason I jumpstarted Cards Over Coffee back up again, knowing if I am not going to get the views or comments anyways, I might as well continue on with that blog.

Which by the way, if you haven't checked out Cards Over Coffee in awhile, it not only has a new jazzy look but has some new posts. I am still in the process of adding new content, a new look and more fun over there. Check out that blog HERE. Please add it to your blogrolls, use it in your blog posts when you refer to me, etc. Those posts take me hours to do so the more traffic to check it out, the better.

In the meantime for now, let's check out a new post on here and from blog reader Oren who happens to be the person who I have traded with the most this year.

A couple for the non sport PC.

I have always liked Kurt, his passion for the game and for his faith is someone worth looking up to. Not to mention his backstory which will soon be a movie.

90's inserts. I never complain about getting these, the more, the merrier.

Another nice Martin relic for that side PC. Think I have 4 of them now.

And finally...yes, I always save the best for last...
Batman Forever Built For Speed. Best card in my Batman PC currently. If any of you are sitting on any Batman cards that are collecting dust, I will send you my address :)

Thanks again to Oren for the trade. I am sure by the time this posts we would have done at least another trade.

As for the rest of you, check out Cards Over Coffee please and once again add it to your blogrolls and even a add onto your post would be appreciated as well!


  1. You probably have tried this already, but posting links to some of the Facebook groups can help drive view up. If you are posting Giants stuff, there are a few large Giant's groups you can post to. I would just keep it relevant. Some with some Prizm or Optic groups. You get a new card and want to show it off, post a link there with a comment. Each time I have did that, it really drove up views. Some viewers stay, some don't. But as long as you are enjoying it and get some feedback, keep at it.

    1. I never know if groups accept links. i know a lot say that before you sign up

  2. Are you collecting Curtis Martin now, too?

    1. No, just a small side Pc. Mainly because he is a 90's guy.