Monday, October 18, 2021


It's back and back with a fury in the latest Pack Wars post. There may be quite a few of these coming up so hope you have been enjoying this series, I am also trying to use up some of my backlogged posts.

Today it's the battle of chromed up Panini products, let's check it out.


We will go with the older product of the two and see how the Optic goes,

(PC Love card)

(imagine the value on the Stidham before they drafted Mac Jones)

TJ Watt silver

Ryan Finley relic

Now the Prizm.

(Cooper Silver)

(Not bad on the Evans)

(Best two rookie pulls from Prizm this year, well last year)

Now it's time to hear your vote on which break was better. The Optic had a hit, but the Prizm was lacking theirs. Optic had stronger base cards, but Prizm had better rookies.

Let's see where you sway in comments!

1 comment:

  1. Guess I'm going with Prizm because there's a whole lotta empty space with those Optic base cards. Thanks for showing them off!