Saturday, October 23, 2021


We are back in what could be the finale of this segment. 

Let's see if that brings us some luck shall we?
I finally got my hands onto some 2020 Mosaic through a trade and it will take on a blaster of Chronicles Draft 2021 I found at Walmart.

Let's wage a battle!

Mosaic first...hoping for some fun.

Meh...wasn't as much fun as I expected and now I own 5 of these Jones since many mailed them to me.

Chronicles time,


Lawrence !

Silver Wilson

(surprise auto...defensive player...ugh)

And Kyle Trask to end it. I feel like I keep pulling that guy.

Well....if I was to take a vote here...I would say Chronicles because of the better rookie cards. Mosaic had the shine, but wasn't quite what I anticipated.

Let me know your thoughts and the winner in the comments!


  1. Yep I’d say chronicles also, but a lot of collectors I know want players in NFL uniforms. I like both

  2. Chronicles is too mixed up for me. Going with Mosaic because shiny is good.