Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Retail Break Em: 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Blaster Break

Recently I made a trade with Jonathan Hoffman, you can see the article about that trade HERE, and as part of the trade i acquired a blaster box of Gypsy Queen baseball 2014. I had requested this box in return as I really wanted a TRUE rookie card of White Sox phenomenon Jose Abreu.

Though I didn't find him in this break, I still thought it was a decent break. Just check it out:

Yankees PC card:

He is going to make an impact on the Red Sox. Best rookie I got from the box:

Mathews numbered to 499:


Numbered to 199

Numbered to 99:
I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of numbered cards in the blaster in getting three of them. Normally when I have bought this product in retail in the past I usually got the same 'ole base cards. I felt this years provided a ton more value and more excitement. I would probably go back for more especially since my box lacked Abreu :)

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