Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Miss The Hobby Episode 5

I miss the hobby.....I miss Upper Deck. Plain and simple.

Upper Deck put out some of the best products on the market. Sp Authentic, Spx, Exquisite, their revival of Fleer, and their flagship Upper Deck just to rumble off a few. These were products I lived and stood by my whole collecting career. But now with the power of the exclusive licenses, the only way I can fully enjoy Upper Deck is by buying hockey. Now, I do collect hockey, but it's my third or fourth sport on my list behind Football and Baseball. So overall this hurts me. It hurts the hobby.

I wished there was a way to get rid of the exclusive licenses in the hobby and let us have Upper Deck back again. The hobby landscape hasn't been the same since they left the pro sport game back at the end of 2009. Not that I don't like Panini, it's just a better hobby with more variety with Upper Deck in the game.

I know I am not the only collector that feels this way. There seems to be a group of collectors on Facebook set out to help Upper Deck gain their licenses back that I stumbled upon a few years ago and not sure if any of you have heard of them or not.

Bring Back Upper Deck MLB Cards
Bring Back Upper Deck NFL Cards
Bring Back Upper Deck NBA Cards

I hope their mission works. It may take a bit as it seems leagues are only caring about money these days. Us collectors care about variety. That's why for me, 90's collecting lives on forever.

What was your favorite Upper Deck brand? Do you miss UD? Let me know!

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  1. I have always been a huge fan of Upper Deck and I would love to see them making MLB, NBA and NFL official sets but they did upset the leagues, the unions and some of the athletes. Being allowed by the MLBPA to make 2012 UD SP Signature Edition (as crappy as it was) is possibly a step in the right direction.