Sunday, September 6, 2015

SUPER BOWL 50 CONTEST! Thanks to Jaybarkerfan!

Time for another contest! This time you won't know what the prizes are!

Recently, my buddy over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk (please follow the link to check out his blog) has been sending me boxes of goodies. Some I am keeping for my PC and some I have set aside for this giveaway. A prize pack will consist of game used, inserts and base cards of star players across multiple sports. I will also do a few other prize packs but will decide how depending on this turnout. Since I have been sooooooooo busy it took me a long time to finally get this all put together and decide how to spread it all out. Being a huge NFL fan, I think this is the appropriate way.

To win a mystery prize pack, I will reveal this later on when it's all put together along with what bonus winners will receive, read on!

Let's get through this mumble jumble.

  1. MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT OR HAVE A U.S. SHIPPING ADDRESS YOU CAN USE. I know a few non U.S. residents who have people within the U.S. that will ship to them. If you fall in that case, go ahead and enter. If not, I am sorry. Shipping costs are outrageous and I can't afford it. However, if I pull a redemption card or Panini Rewards card in the future I may hold a Non U.S. Residents contest.
  2. The contest is sponsored by Sport Card Collectors blog (I may add a few cards in) and Jaybarkerfan's blog. All cards come directly from myself from these two sources.
  3. Sport Card Collectors will not be responsible for stolen, lost or damaged mail. I will mail it out the safest way I can, if something happens to it through the USPS process, I cannot be held responsible or asked to replace the original prize. I have a high percentage rate of entrants receiving their prizes.
  4. By entering this contest, you agree to the rules above and will abide by them.  If not, you will be DISQUALIFIED!!!!!!
  5. If you are a winner and did not follow the rules, you will have to forfeit your prize to someone else.
Now onto how to enter to win this.....

Mystery prize pack(s)!
  2. You get it right, you win something! If there is a tie, a random will be done for first place then I will decide if the turnout is good whether I will expand on that.
  3. If nobody guesses it right, I will determine at that point how the prize will be given away. Maybe running another contest of picking the Super Bowl winner.
  4. Remember, once a winner is announced, that winner will have 7 days from that post day to claim the prize or we will be in this situation again giving it away to someone else.
  5. You will have til September 10th by 8:00 pm et to get your entries in
  6. Winner will be announced a day after the Super Bowl.
 Make sure to check out Jaybarkerfan's blog and to say thanks to him!

And I must throw this in as well, GO GIANTS!!!!



  2. Colts vs Seahawks

  3. Steelers vs. Eagles


  4. Patriots v. Eagles

    @biggsdaddycool on the Twitter

  5. Seahawks and Colts.

  6. Broncos and Seahawks