Saturday, November 14, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Bowman Football Blaster Box

So I broke down and did it, I bought a 2015 Bowman football blaster box.

As you know I have shared some strong opinions on the product as it is a shameful put out of what it once was. With the circumstance of wanting to bust something and my Walmart carrying no other options, I gave it a go anyways.

Here is how it went.
In every blaster of 2015 Bowman football, there are eight packs and seven cards per pack. Blasters run you about $20. There are no guarantees on hits. I also haven't figured out why companies put seven packs plus one extra pack when you know all along they were packing eight packs in there no matter what.

The base cards are not terrible looking. A lot of border and paper thin card stock, but not too bad.

This is the biggest eye sore of the product, the rookies. No logos, the background colors are atrocious, and I just don't think they have any appeal. I remember when Bowman put out solid full-bleed color photos for their rookie cards. What happened??!?!? Oh, these were the best two rookies from the box.

Purple parallels. Not bad players and I think Petty has a bright future.

Blue parallel.

These look pretty sharp. This kinda card I don't mind.

And my best pull from the box an Melvin Gordon Orange Ice numbered to 50.

And to finish it out, a Mini.
Overall, there was a mixed feeling on value in the blaster. My rookies weren't great, the parallels were mostly easy/less valuable pulls and as you can see, the Gordon was the best card. With the feel of the product combined with the value I felt I got in this blaster, it feels Bowman won't be missed next year by me and won't be picked up this year by me again either.

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