Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Box Of Goodies,Grady M Mail Day Part 1:Random Goodness

Opening up my mail box yesterday and discovering a big box that was mailed by Sport Card Collectors reader and fan, Grady M, I knew my day was going to be made. As you have seen in the past, he bombs me with tons of great inserts covering all sports and my teams/players. Such a generous guy and collector and someone I am very blessed to have met on here. We have been exchanging packages for about a year now.

I posted yesterday that I wasn't going to post these til next week, but I am so far behind on blog posts I am going to plug these in when I can instead. Today was a slow day on here so it sounds like a great time to share this.

Now onto part 1 which consists of many sports.

Up first, a HUGE stack of NY Ranger base cards from UD Series 1 and Prizm.
Inserts. Artifacts in the top middle is numbered.

Love these. They may not be the same ones that UD put out in the 90's, but the nostalgic appeal is still there.
A couple more nice cards.

Even found two NEW Griffeys for that PC. I am on the drive to 800!!

NBA inserts and Knicks base.

Even some NASCAR. These made me a bit sad as we haven't had a new release in so long for racing cards (I am not really a racing fan per say, but love the cards especially the memorabilia and inserts) and I am still heartbroken that Press Pass had to close their doors. They put out some great stuff over a long time.

A great way to kick off what's to come. There are 6-parts to this mail day so stay tuned as I will squeeze them all in at some point in the next two weeks!

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