Monday, January 25, 2016

Breakin Wax:2014 Topps Chrome Soccer Blaster (1 Auto Per)

Soccer, the other white football meat.

It's not something I usually buy or something on the top of my list, but when needing to hit a certain dollar amount on my dacardworld order, something that said Chrome and one autograph per box for $9.99 caught my attention. So I gave it a go.

In each blaster of 2014 Topps Chrome Soccer blaster, 8 packs of cards with 4 cards in each pack. Blasters will run you a little under $10.

The base cards look really good. I was quite impressed.

I pulled lots of color in the box. I found...

Purple Refractor 1:2
Refractor 1:3
X-Fractor 1:6
*Orange Refractor 1:12 (this is numbered to 75)

I must also apologize for the sideways photo as well.

Purples are very sharp!

Some of the inserts I pulled. A couple are refractor parallels
In Form 1:8
1976-77 Topps Footballers Mini 1:8
One-Two 1:16

And my autograph. Not a big star but cool anyways. Especially for the price.
I found this to be $10 well spent. Nice looking base cards, fun searching for the colors and the autograph is well done with a nice signature. These are something I would go back and buy again and might soon.

What are your thoughts on the product? Soccer cards? Let's hear them below!

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  1. Sharp looking cards! Ive become a big soccer fan since i started playing the topps app Kick. I really liked tge Appex cards that were released in the fall and im excited to see whats in stores for 2016