Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Helping Another Collectors Set Needs

When I saw I Feel Like A Collector Again blog post some set needs for 2017 Gypsy Queen baseball, I immediately jumped on the challenge of trying to find him some help for it. I really liked this years design, but decided I wouldn't chase a set myself. I would like the Judge and Griffey Jr base from it however.

I was quite shocked that I had 120 cards he needed for his set, so I approached him about a trade which he happily accepted. In return, I got a nice mix of Gmen for the PC. None of which I had.

The first card I got is pretty cool and surprisingly something I hadn't seen before, a Sean Landeta Ditka's Picks playing card. I love adding oddities like this.

Up next, Jennings prizm parallel from Select and a new Eli Apple from Unparalleled. I expect big things from him next season.

A new shiny Odell.

And my very first Jesse Palmer autograph. I have a few memorabilia cards, but no auto. So a nice PC add.

and finally a card I have been eyeballing for some time since he rack pack pulled it and was hoping to get, a 2016 Prizm red/white/blue auto of Adams. A super shiny add!
A big thanks goes out to I Feel Like A Collector Again for the awesome trade. If I come across anymore needs for Gypsy Queen I will make sure to contact you.
If you guys haven't added him to your blogrolls yet or checked out his blog, just go HERE and add it. Above in my first paragraph, I also included the link to his 2017 Gypsy Queen needs so if you can help, just contact him!Up to this point, I was the lone one to do so. He has many more needs!

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  1. I picked that Palmer up awhile back because I wanted to do an "announcers" autograph collection, but I've decided to pass on it. Glad you like!