Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sport Card Collectors 2014 Top 10 Mock Draft+Hobby Implications

Here is my 2014 Top 10 picks Mock Draft. I am no Mike Mayock or Todd Mcshay but I feel really good about this years mock draft than my past two. One of the things I did differently this year is put in a shocking trade, which I am sure many of you may laugh at, but I wouldn't be the bit surprised.

Read on:

1. Houston Texans             Jadeveon Clowney    DE

This is an obvious pick to me. One of the best players in this years draft and if Houston pairs him alongside JJ Swatt what a duo on defense. QB's will run and hide! I do think they pass on QB Manziel as they will wait til the second round or move back up to the first to grab a guy like Teddy Bridgewater who I still think is the top QB in this draft.

Hobby Implications: Being a top defensive pick, you can look at DROY award to possibly drive his cards.

2.  Detroit Lions (from St. Louis Rams)        Sammy Watkins     WR

That's right! Here it is! The shocking trade. The Rams who have two picks in the top thirteen will decide to trade this pick to Detroit who is absolutely in love with Watkins and would love to get their hands onto him to pair with Megatron. NOTE: If this doesn't happen, watch for Detroit still to try and move up to get him.

Hobby Implications: Would take pressure off from Megatron and could be an early favorite for OROY award. Should be one of the more valuable rookies in this draft.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars           Khalil Mack     OLB/DE
Jacksonville needing any kind of play-makers, take the second best (or could easily be argued as the top guy) in this draft to help build up their defense.

Hobby Implications: Another candidate for DROY.  I don't think his cards will be quite as sought after as Clowneys due to the fact he is in Jacksonville, but big plays early on next season could help.

4. Cleveland Browns            Johnny Manziel   QB

 Cleveland needs a QB and has for years and Manziel comes in as a talented hyped up QB. Combine the two and Manziel may bring some excitement back to Cleveland.

Hobby Implications: He is already the most popular and should be throughout the card collecting season. However, I question him still and all of the hype that surrounds and could easily see him being a bust much like Tim Tebow was. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not comparing the two at all. Tebow had questions about his arm coming into the draft and Manziel is a much better QB but the hype is the same. The fact that he is in Cleveland could hurt his hobby stock a little as well as the lack of talent around him could hurt his rookie season as well.

5. Oakland Raiders          Greg Robinson   OT
You would think QB here, but with their acquisition of Schaub I think they will find a way to protect him.

Hobby Implications: NONE. It's an offensive lineman

6. Atlanta Falcons           Jake Matthews    OT
Atlanta has a weak offensive line and could use help. Matthews would help them hear protect Matt Ryan and possibly help them get their running game going again.

Hobby Implications: NONE. It's an offensive lineman
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers        Mike Evans   WR

Tampa Bay has a new coach and a new QB. Why not bring another weapon in for Josh McCown to throw to alongside Vincent Jackson. A QB project could be another option here.

Hobby Implications: Some. If teams start doubling up on Vincent Jackson, Davis has big play ability and could stretch the field. However, this also depends on how well McCown plays as well.

8. Minnesota Vikings       Blake Bortles   QB

Minnesota has a talented team but the key position on the field lacks, QB. This is a last chance type of year for QB Christian Ponder who is in the final year of his contract. If he doesn't show any life in the preseason, he will be cut. That's where Bortles comes into play. Most call Bortles the best all around QB in the draft.

Hobby Implications: A QB always is a hobby go to and the fact that he has some talent around him in Minnesota could put him in the running for OROY if Ponder falls apart.

9. Buffalo Bills    Eric Ebron TE
Eric Ebron is a much needed weapon for second year QB EJ Manuel. Ebron is being compared to Vernon Davis and we know how much of a weapon he is. This is also a lot of pressure to be under for Ebron as must prove himself and live up to expectations which may not be easy in Buffalo with a young QB.

Hobby Implications: A little. He does play in Buffalo which isn't really a hobby brightspot and also has a young QB who needs work still throwing to him. However, if lives up to the hype, you never know.

10. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions)   Taylor Lewan OT
With tons of injuries to QB Sam Bradford since he got drafted, why not try to protect him better? Another option here for the Rams after moving down could be a QB. Maybe Derek Carr.

Hobby Implications: NONE. It's an offensive lineman

As for who I think my team the Giants will draft, I would love to see Davis or Ebron fall into their grasps, but I believe they go LB or OL here. As always, the Giants take the best available player.

This sums up my mock draft. I always look forward to this time of year as it begins a new year of football card collecting and this years class has some boom and it's deeply talented.

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