Friday, May 9, 2014


A few days ago, I leaked what would be the best giveaway ever leading you to wonder what the details of this giveaway may be. The key word in this is giveaway. This is not a contest. This is not something you have to enter. This is as the title states #SCCGivesBack and you could reap the benefits!

With Upper Deck running a #UDRAK (Upper Deck's Random Acts Of Kindness) promo I thought it would be fun to run something similar. But, instead of just giving back to collectors who help other collectors, I wanted to give back to the readers of this blog as well. So to qualify for a random mail day, you can do one of many things. One, you can comment on this blog's posts daily, once in awhile, etc. Two, you can do something else great for another collector. Three, you can nominate another deserving collector. Four, you can share this blog, become a member, LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, RT our posts, SHARE them on Facebook and so on. Five, do the same exact things as Steps One and Four, but do it on our brother blog THAT 90'S SPORT CARD BLOG that I am still trying to build, the only difference is that there is not That 90's Sport Card Blog Facebook page. Six, if you have kids or a friends kids who collect, you can nominate them as well because they are the future of the hobby. I will be watching for any or all of these steps :)

Overall, I am just looking to give back to the blog's biggest fans and to collectors who like to give back to other collectors. The collecting community should be as one and should be helping one another out and not pushing each other away. You can't grow a hobby that way. I don't know about you, but I want this hobby to continue on.

Now onto what a #SCCGivesBack prize will be. It will be about a 5 card lot range from base cards, inserts, rookies, jersey card, autographs of your favorite teams, players, and so on. It all depends on what I have in stock at the time.  This will be mailed to you randomly for FREE! I will try to mail one out every few weeks and I hope that you post this prize pack on Twitter or on the Facebook page using the hash tag #SCCGivesBack.

You are probably now asking how will I mail these to you, well, this is the next step and it's an easy one. If you are reading this and are a U.S. Resident (sorry it's too expensive to ship elsewhere) I need the following info emailed to me at with the subject line of #SCCGivesBack that way I can separate you from spam. 
  • Your name and address
  • Your Twitter name if you have one
  • Your favorite teams and players
  • If you are nominating another collector, please explain why and provide their address
  • If you are nominating your child or someone else child, please explain why and provide their address with the kids name (who doesn't like a mail day as a child). Please provide their favorite team and players.
Most of all, I hope all of you enjoy this promotion and have fun with it because you just never know what may arrive at your mail box.

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