Saturday, October 1, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 1:The Extras

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.

As I stated earlier this week, this was a really big trade. I had originally expected about 50 individual cards along with the wax boxes. But, what I got instead, were the expected cards along with another whole unexpected bonus box among other bonus plastic boxes full of cards.

So that my friends is where we will start.

 The above boxes were packed full of non-sport goodness built upon Allen And Ginter, Goodwin Champions and Americana to name a few. There were other cards too but those will be posted tomorrow.
I obviously can't post all. There was just way toooooooo many so I just picked out certain ones that stood out.

Okay, this stood out for obvious reasons. Why would Panini ever choose a photo of Jackie Chan like this? I mean, you can't tell me there weren't many other fighting poses you could choose and not the one that should be in a calendar or JC Penny catalog. (would love for you guys to caption this below however)

Up next are some Fans Of The Game. I really dig these inserts and actually own three of my own. Now I got 5.

This huge never ending Upper Deck 25th anniversary set is so deep that it's hard to get doubles of. I have a ton of these and didn't have any of these that were sent.
Most collectors look at these and say, that's base cards, who cares? Well, I do. There are some fun icons like Regis and Stan Lee included. Jordan Sparks is the daughter of former NY Giant Phillipi Sparks so that was a good add in my eyes.

CBS icon

More fun adds this time in mini form. I didn't have a James Brown card or a Erin Andrews.

And to end this part, some politics. These were in 2008 Topps randomly and I have a few of my own including the Huckabee. However Biden and who could be our next President in Clinton I didn't. And no, I don't want to discuss politics on here lol.
Just think, this is only the beginning. I just hope you guys are ready for what's coming ahead!


  1. Not sure how much you have an attachment to these, but I'm sure I could use a few of those Ginter minis. I also randomly still need a few cards from the UD Piece of History set if you care to part with those.

    1. I will think about it. These are non-sport and those are usually the ones I keep. But, will let you know :)