Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Breakdown Of A Griffey Jr Trade Mail Day

I once again feel very lucky to had stumbled upon Baseball Card Breakdown blog for a variety of reasons. One, his blog post creativity is amazing. Second, his custom card work is top notch and I am very fortunate to own a few cards and lastly he is a great trader.

Yesterday, a fun packed PWE of cards arrived in our latest trade.

Up first, some Griffey cards I haven't ever seen. I really like adding oddball ones. These are 1991 Pepsi cards. There are 8 cards in the set so I am pretty close thanks to Gavin to having them all.

This card right here is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The design, rainbow shine and all around appeal is a perfect example of why I love the 90's inserts.

These 7 new Griffey adds brings me up to 835 total different. Still a long ways to go.
I have seen these Gallery Of Greats inserts from a distance and thought, man, I need one. Well, thanks to Gavin, I do!

Shiny and Yankees, nailed it with this Bowman Chrome add!
I also got one of Gavin's amazing custom cards from his Pretty Girls Series of Zooey Deschanel. I didn't post this beautiful card because I didn't want him to receive any emails from a certain company ;) If you have read his blog in the past, you will get this. 

Which if I had chosen a card(s) from his custom set, I would have chosen Zooey (big fan of her and loved her in Yes Man which she co-starred with Jim Carey in ) and Emma Watson. So pretty stoked of this add.

Overall, a very solid mail day and trade. Thanks again Gavin and I look forward to the next!


  1. Glad you like!

    The other 2 cards in the Pepsi set only feature Griffey Sr, which is why I didn't grab them. But in hindsight, maybe I should have for completeness sake.

    As for the Pretty Girls mini, yeah, I have a few of those left over from when I originally made them, so I'm trying to (freely) thin them out here and there. Glad I picked one for you that you liked! I'll try to remember to throw an Emma Watson in for you next time.

    I also picked up some Griffeys at the last card show that I forgot to post, but might have something there for you. Do you have a list of your Griffey cards typed up?

    1. I am currently working on that. It will be similar to the Hampton one I have.

      For right now, I just use visuals to see if I have them or not.

      And awesome you have an extra Emma :D