Thursday, October 6, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball+WIN MY HIT!

1967 continues its return in 2016 Topps Heritage with High Series finishing off where it started in Low Series. This time it features rookie call-ups and veteran transactions that have happened since.
There's not a lot of bells and whistles to it, but the product is a popular one among collectors with it's throwback designs and hard/fun to chase variations.

Let's see my thoughts on the product. Read On!

In every box of 2016 Topps Heritage High Number, there are 24 packs with 9 cards per pack. There is also one Box Topper. Boxes run about $60. There will be one autograph or relic per box.

When you open the box, you will find one of these....

that could have one of these 1967 Ad Panels or you can find something a bit tougher from the following...

  • 1967 Topps Originals  The Original 1967 Topps cards foil-stamped
  • 1967 TOPPS PUNCHBOARDS Box loaders styled after the 1967 Topps Baseball Punchboards game.
  • You can also find Insert /50, Jumbo Patch Relics /25, Autographs /10 and Jumbo Patch Relic Autographs/10.
The base cards are numbered 501-725 with the last 25 cards being short-printed at 1:3 packs.

The product is loaded with rookies including Kenta Maeda, Julio Urias, Nomar Mazara, Max Kepler, Jameson Taillon, Trevor Story, Lucas Giolito, Albert Almora, A.J. Reed, Michael Fulmer, Hyun Soo Kim, Edwin Diaz, Joey Rickard, Blake Snell, and Jose Berrios.I pulled this Gamel out cause he's a Yank but I got a good half of these rookies in my box.
This is the bottom of the back of the base card. You might be wondering or maybe already know why I posted this and why it's significant, if not, I will be putting more about this in a second. The key part I want you to look at is the 110 in the Code at the bottom.

Before I move onto the short prints, THIS LINK will be your best friend. Beckett helps break down each one. But, I will do my best with what I pulled to help.

For me, it's always been tough to see the difference in some of the parallels in Heritage. Sometimes near impossible. But, I am glad they followed suit with the flagship and helped define the differences by changing the bottom code. It still strains your eyes, but you are at least able to see the difference that way much easier. It took me awhile to go through the box

Here are your options to find:
Action Image Variations (just meaning an action shot), Team Name Color Variations (color switch), Red Backs (well...), Gum Damage Backs, Flip Stock (a card mullet, glossy on the back-rough in the front), and Mini Base that are numbered to 100.

My first round of variations are the easiest find in the Gum Damaged backs.

The backs are bit lighter than the darker green backs.Smells a little like gum too :)

Other than the lighter green back, notice at the bottom of card the code changes the last three digits. These are 118 for Gum Stained backs.

Up next, those Action Image variations. It's obvious if you have the base card to go along with it.

If you don't have the base, then once again, check those digits. These are 122.

My next find in the box other than the gum stained Maeda below, was the tough to pull of a blank back Error variation.

Code is 989

All inserts fall 1:8 packs and you should get a good amount of them. The designs sticks to the Heritage feel.

COMBO CARDS Features two or more players who are standouts for their team.

AWARD WINNERS is for those who won awards in 2015.

My favorite designed insert of the group was the Rookie Performers. Feels like it was done in '67. They show the top rookies of 2016.

NOW AND THEN insert shows highlights from the 2016 season and connections to 1967.

Up next, the fun yearly add in Heritage...Chrome. Basically, it's the Topps Heritage designed card chromed. These fall 1:22 packs or basically one-per-box are numbered to 999.

 When there is chrome, there are refractors. Here are those:
  • Chrome Refractor are numbered to 567.
  • Black Bordered Chrome are numbered to 67.
  • Gold Bordered Chrome are numbered to 5.
  • Hot Box Refractor 
Now onto my hit. The usual find at least in my case. Others might have better luck.

Mine is a single Clubhouse Collection.
 Clubhouse Collection Relics have a Gold Parallel numbered to 99.

Other hits you can find in these boxes are....
Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics: An active and retired player from the same franchise with a game worn relic of each. Hand-numbered to 65.
Clubhouse Collection TRIPLE Relics: Three active and retired players from the same franchise with their game worn relics featured. Hand-numbered to 25.
Clubhouse Collection QUAD Relics: Four active and retired players from the same franchise with their game worn relics. Hand-numbered to 10.

There are autographs to find to. Really tough to pull, but are all on-card!

Real One autographs are the base cards signed in layman's terms. They feature retired and active players. There are special editions signed in red and hand-numbered to 67. Real One autographed duals can be found as well and are hand-numbered to 25. 
Other autographs are
1967 BASEBALL CUT SIGNATURES that are numbered 1/1.
1967 CELEBRITY CUT SIGNATURES Musicians and celebrities who were popular in 1967 signed these bad boys and these are numbered 1/1.
Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics that are hand-numbered to 25.
Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relics feature two players with swatches and autographs and are hand-numbered to 10.

Overall, it's a product not for everyone. Honestly when I buy the product I usually stick to retail because one-hit just doesn't feel like enough for me. But, looking at a hobby box break there are a lot of great things retail doesn't offer so that alone may sway me now. The variations are a fun chase and the deep checklist is good for set collectors especially those willing to chase the Sp's as well.

Those who like seeing today's players in yesterday's designs will definitely dig this product.

If you are a big hit chaser this product probably isn't for you, if you are just looking to break something for fun with a chance at a great hit, then why not take a dive in.

Now onto how to win this card and remember I am trying something NEW so remember to FOLLOW ALL NEW STEPS on how to enter.

Earlier I showed you my Chrome pull from the box that's numbered to 999. Keep this in mind when reading below...

  1. Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to host this/these nice giveaways with. Follow them on all social media sites and visit their site, HERE, as well.
  2. ***VERY IMPORTANT***MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT to enter or have a shipping address in the U.S. Shipping costs have gone haywire and I can't afford to ship everywhere.This is always hard to do as I appreciate all readers but I hope you all understand non-U.S. readers.
  3. Random winner will be chosen after 7 randoms
  4. Card may be shipped PWE. I like to forewarn on this.
  6. Also, take a guess on what the number out of 999 is on the Chase Headley Chrome. Such as 55/999. The person with the closest or correct guess without going over wins the Wright! In this contest, you control if you win or lose!
  7. YOU CAN ENTER DAILY WITH A NEW GUESS. Yes, tell me your guessed number if you so choose!
  8. You must AT LEAST do steps 5 and 6 to be entered. 7 is optional.
  9. Sport Card Collectors or it's owner (person who runs the blog), WILL NOT be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. Sorry had to add this in since someone tried to scam me once about this.
  10. Contest starts today, ends on October 13th 2016. Winner will be announced in a separate post on  October 14th 2016
  11. Don't forget to thank the above sponsor of this contest and I won't mind a thank you as well :)
Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, a Mets hit! Just the thing to help me get over last night. B^)

    PRO: You're spot on that the inserts are quite nice, especially the Rookies and award winners. And, hey, the classic 67 design is always a plus.

    CON: too many parallels for parallels sake. Gum damage back variation? No, thanks.

    GUESS: Let's say 597/999.


  2. I like the on-card autos, but it sucks they're such a tough pull.
    I'll guess 144/999

  3. Love the old school design and the on card autos
    I dislike the fact that you could end up with a single color relic as your hit.. That would be OK if they were blasters

    My guess is 269\999

  4. Pro: Nice to have cards of less common guys
    Cons: Hard to find where I live


  5. This highly touted brand has become a bit stale, in my opinion. The retro design and cardstock are huge pluses. Sadly, there's not much else to look forward to. The insert sets are the same-old, same-old. Additionally, the product has is way overpriced considering the average box break. With one relic card per box, this should be a $2/pack product.

    However, I like David Wright. I'll guess #78 on the Chrome card.

  6. Pro: fun variations
    Con: I dislike intentional variants in this style.


  7. You seriously had SIX gun-back variations???? I didn't get a single one in two boxes.

    Pro: Compared to other products, relatively cheap and affordable.

    Con: Crazy hard to pull an auto this year.

  8. Pro: I like the idea of having different numbers on the bottom of the cards so that you can definitely know what variation of the card that you got.

    Con: Kind of a lot going on in this set.


  9. Pro: I love the throwback feel of the cards.

    Con: You pointed it out but finding whether you have a variation or not is quite difficult.


  10. Thanks for the review ands thanks to Topps for the box!
    Pros: great looking set, nice design, plus the advertising panels are a nice bonus
    Cons:1 hit per box, probably a relic. The relic cards I've seen aren't that impressive

    Thanks for the contest!

    Guess for the Chrome 235

  11. My second guess is 1/999

  12. Pro - design
    Con - potentially too many variations



  13. Thank you to Topps and your review (love the Wright pull). I enjoy the non-glossy cards and retro look, but the number of variations is a bit crazy.

    # Guess - 522/999

  14. Pro - old school look and feel
    Con - price high for the auto odds

    312 - chrome card


  15. Thank you Topps and of course Sports Card Collector. I remember the cards of the 70's and the gum very well. Seems cards now have improved quite a bit!

  16. Thanks for the review and Topps for the box:

    Pros- attractive throwback design, low numbered chrome refractors get big money on the secondary market.

    Con- no guaranteed auto hit per box at this price point totally turns me off to the product.

    First guess is 18/999.

  17. Pro: beautiful pics and cards. Con: the edges of heritage are soft and easily wear down, so you have to be careful to keep them safe ASAP.

    My guess is 167/999 on the Headley chrome

  18. Thanks Topps and thank you for the opportunity.

    Pro They are super cool cards

    Cons Nil