Saturday, October 22, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 22:Hall Of Gold, Well Brown

I don't own a lot of vintage or vintage players for that matter, so earlier in this trade when I added Walter Payton I decided I needed more vintage players so why not Jim Brown of the Browns?

The card also looks nice and is numbered. Not to mention, you don't find much of his stuff out there.
Thoughts on today' card and Jim Brown are welcomed below!


  1. How attached are you to that Jim Brown card? I'm sure I can find some nice Giants to trade for it and other Browns cards that you might have. I know I have two Hamptons that you need once I find one of my card boxes. This card definitely provides an incentive. I probably have other Jim Brown cards that I can throw in, but not a memorabilia card.

    1. I will think about it. I snagged it in the trade cause I found it to be a cool piece of NFL history. Like with the Payton I snagged.

    2. Well, keep me in mind if you decide you can trade it. It is a great card. In the meantime I'll try to find the Hamptons that I know I have, and maybe put some other Giants together too and send you a message about trading.