Monday, October 10, 2016

Project Pedro Trade Recap Part 10:1997 Absolute Beginnings Football Hobby BoxBreak

October has officially been named, Cards I Got From Project Pedro Blog Month.

For the first break from the lot of 90's boxes I got in this trade, I will kick if off with my most looked forward to break of the group that sadly turned out to be the worst break of them,1997 Playoff Absolute Beginnings.

Seems like an uninviting way to lead you guys to read on, but I it was the brutally honest truth.

1997 Absolute Beginnings football is a product I busted a few packs of back then but not an overabundance of as pack price was a bit high for me. I did really like the design of the base cards and as a younger collector, the Chip Shots were pretty cool. Boxes run pretty high still with about $50-$65 each. There are some tough valuable high-end pulls to find, but, they are a bit outta reach. Isn't that the way today's boxes are to though?

With a few Rodney Hampton needs in here, I thought it was worth the risk anyways to try and fill some needs.

I had never seen one of the box toppers before as I bought only packs, but I had seen the smaller version of their pennants they put in other products. I think makes for a great box topper.
There are also autographed versions as well that fall 1:19 boxes. Mine wasn't one of those.

The front of the pennant. Honestly, I was hoping it was Rodney Hampton as it was one of my missing pieces. But, it's still cool either way.

The base set is a fun design with each card featuring a foil board map in the background showing each full-colored featured players "beginning". Such as Dan Marino when he played for Pitt.

The base cards also have 3 levels of collecting. Green fall 4 per pack. Blue one per pack and red fall about 1:2 packs replacing one of the green. It seems Red has the better of the players in the set like Favre, Marino and Rice.  The positive is I got those players and I did get most of the key rookies from the set including Warrick Dunn and Tony Gonzalez.

Now onto the inserts I pulled. This will be quick.

Unsung Heroes fall 1:12 packs and are pretty bland when it comes to design. Nothing big here for names either as they are Unsung Heroes for a reason.

And now onto those aforementioned Chip Shots that are like Poker Chips with NFL players. I got a good mix of players including stars, just not the Hamptons I needed. There are a variety of colors to collect for each player as well. Makes for an added chase.
Overall, for the price of the box, it just didn't have enough. I do like the base set and may chase down the rest of my needs once I have time to sit down and put things together. But, the pulls were very lacking here.

What do you guys think of my first break? Did you bust any back in the 90's? Now? Comment below!


  1. The base cards look pretty good. Not sure about the chips though. I hadn't seen these cards before. Good post. Thanks.

  2. It is a set that I'm unfamiliar with but that I think I would have liked. But I don't believe there is anything in there for me to collect since it is from the dead period when there was no Browns. Thanks for sharing the break though. I do like seeing the cards.

    1. I have a Browns lot FT/FS if you're interested, ebay user specialoccasions :)

  3. Man this looks like a fun break, remember the days where we didn't base our opinion of a product around the hits first? Thanks for posting this!

    1. I hear that. This was a fun break and I wasn't really chasing the hits as I was more enjoying the nostalgia.

      I think 90's wax is more exciting than todays. That's why I added it to this trade over newer stuff.

      I probably do a lot of dumb things that most collectors scratch their head at and ask Why buy that? There's no hits.

      Well, I do it to have fun. Isn't that the top priority