Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Bump And Run Trade Mail Day!

Recently I was contacted by Trevor over at Bump and Run Football Cards Blog about doing a PWE trade. It took me awhile to get some stuff together for him as the searching can sometimes be a process, but I was able to send him some stuff and was blown away yesterday by what he sent me.

It was one of those moments I hoped to had sent enough as the amount of cards I sent really differed. It appears I need to be taught the ropes on how to send a well packed PWE of goodies. Something he and Gavin both know really well.

Up first, some G-Men. I really liked the Gridiron release. I wished Panini could had done that again. The photography in the set was amazing. The Fleer Sherrard brings me back to when I first started buying more football. I bought a ton of that product. I owned every insert set because of it.

Shiny and NY Giants, SCORE! New Randle for my PC as well. Wonder what he is doing this year??..Anyways, marks Randle number 105.
More Giants and a well fitting parallel in Rookie and Stars with True Blue. I surprisingly didn't have the Jason Seahorn or the Tyrone Wheatley from the 90's.

Speaking of the 90's, loved these! Phillips never really panned out, unless you are talking prison, but the card is really cool. The Hilliard/Westbrook insert not only rocks, but it's shiny!

This is an insert I have wanted a card of for years!! I saw it on Trevor's box break of 1997 Zenith Football and had to request for it. Very cool lenticular motion!

I also went and checked out his cards for trade. I never realized I lacked this Griffey from my collection. 1997 New Pinnacle. Griffey number 828.

And to close out the mail day, I really needed a Shane Vereen auto. It's in that bloody awful Patriots uniform, but I still like it. Just gotta put my thumb over their helmet as I am right now.
A big thanks goes out to Trevor for these awesome card adds and for expanding my trade circle.. I look forward to another trade in the future and next time I plan on sending a few extra cards.
Be sure to check out his blog as well. Great stuff going on over at Bump and Run Football Cards Blog.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed below!

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  1. Great stuff, as always! I actually have the Favre Zenith V-2. Pulled it from a pack!!!