Sunday, October 30, 2016

Still Sortin

You ever just feel like you started a project you are never going to finish?

Well, I know I have.

In what has been a summer of sorting, I have posted before how I am going through my 23 years of collecting and tearing it all apart. I am finally sorting by teams and key players from each instead of by year,number, brand, etc. It will make things a bit easier in the end, but with time shortage on trying to do my project and with so much to go through, my task feels impossible.

In my most recent sorting, I finally got a few stacks of football rookies put away in binders

And started on putting a huge stack of baseball cards by team.
Originally, I was sorting on my desk and it was taking FOREVER. So I decided I needed to find another way to sort so I started to use my BCW Sorting Tray to my advantage instead of leaving it on my desk to have piles to stack in it.
It has cut my sorting time in half. 
I know it sounds crazy, but once you get teams put into a certain slot you can really start busting through some piles.

I still have a very LONG WAYS to go but at least things are moving in the right direction. Time has been the biggest factor which I hope gets better to.

What current hobby project are you working on? Have you ever felt like you got over your head in one? Comment below!


  1. I have begun sorting my collection. I've made it through two 5000-count boxes so far, but there are over a dozen more, plus random card stashes all around the house. After I sort them all, I will have to find a way to catalog them and build want lists. I am planning on it taking 2-4 months in all, maybe longer.

  2. I sorted my NBA collection by player in 2003, trying to recreate my Excel file listing how many I had of each person, but the file corrupted and I lost the letter S. Then, the new copy I made corrupted and I lost everything, and it played a large role in my taking a break from the NBA from 2006-12. I still don't have them back into sets yet, and I don't expect to do that until I finish scanning every card...which I don't expect to finish until 2021 at the earliest. It is a long way off, true, but I love working on it and I spend some time scanning cards just about every single day. It will be nice to have them back by set someday, but I'm sure after they have been together for a while I'll think of some other excuse to sort them. I don't have a count of how many cards I have per team, after all...

    Of course, since I won't have to scan them all again before I can resort them, it shouldn't take anywhere near as long to get them all back with their proper sets. I hope...

  3. Sorting Hat, er tray. I need to get one or two of those things.

  4. I have a pretty specific sorting method for my PC, every couple of months I spend a few hours sorting and filing into boxes. My 3 PC types (Tim Hudson, Colts & UFC) have expanded to 16x 5 row boxes as of the last sort. I think I'm going to need a bigger closet...