Monday, July 31, 2017

Donation To The Rodney Hampton Collection

I was recently contacted by a fellow Giants fan and buddy of mine on Twitter in @Seth_Murphy8 about some Rodney Hampton's he had. Being the great guy he is, he wanted to donate his collection of them to my Hampton project knowing I would make them a great home.

Which I will. Like I do with any cards.

Being down to a certain list of Rodney's which limits a lot of new ones without looking at the list, none of these were new, but are ones I am definitely holding onto as I do with all of my Hampton doubles.

There's a really solid mix of cards here.

I totally dig the Topps Gold parallel. It's just too bad I just added that one not long ago. The Playoff Contenders card below is in better shape than the one I have so I will do a switch out on that one.

The Giants helmet card is a new card for my Giants PC. I never pulled that one from Pacific.

I always hold onto Fleer Metal no matter what. But, I have never put these two side by side before until now and noticed the same photo was used.

I wished Upper Deck could revive some of the earlier Flair brand designs. They put out some nice base cards and full of color inserts.

And finally, speaking of Upper Deck, Spx 96-98 are still the greatest base sets in hobby history. I wouldn't be chasing them all if they were not.

A big thanks goes out to @Seth_Murphy8 for his generous donation towards my Hampton Project. I am 56.6% of the way of completion of all of his cards and am still in need of a lot more. If you have any off from this list right HERE and want to make a donation so you don't have to stare at Rodney Hampton cards on your desk anymore, I will make them a great home. 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. i loved Flair baseball in 93, 94. Waves and Hot Numbers were gorgeous cards.