Friday, July 28, 2017

Box Of Goods Part 1

There is nothing more exciting to me than when I receive one of these boxes from SCC reader Grady M in the mail.
These boxes usually come hitting hard full of inserts, shiny items and team cards. This time there was even more to look forward to as we pulled off a trade as well.
Today, I am showing off just a few of the highlights of the box. Believe me there is more to show at a later date. But, I just wanted to show some off today and tomorrow will be the trade show off that has some Jeters, Judge, Non-sport relics and Giants! 

So let's take a gander at some of the cards that came in the box.

Up first, some new Giants. All are from 2017 and since I don't have a lot of new football, these were welcomed additions.

Davis Webb. Could be the future for the Giants. Now I just gotta land his autograph somehow.

Evan Engram who has been all the rave in Giants camp. Glad to have these added to the PC. I am really liking the look of Prestige. Very clear action shots and photography.

Dean Anna anyone?? I have a ton myself. Just hoping that the two refractors are new to my future rainbow.

Some cool baseball inserts. I really wanted a Costas. Glad to have it now.

Some shiny basketball, a pink Wilson and a /25 Dalton.

Kyle Seager rainbow....Ichiro and Kemp. Great looking cards from Panini. Just wished they were licensed.
A great start to this mail day. Much more to come tomorrow so make sure to come back to see what I traded for!


  1. very nice grouping of cards! what a fun box!

  2. Great box! That SC Gehrig is sweet!