Thursday, July 20, 2017

Toys Are For Grownups Too

Well, I pulled off another monstrosity of a trade this time with my buddy @Jake1725.

However, the main contents may not be what you expect.

Today, you will be shown the main contents of my medium flat rate box, then five to six other parts with the cards really broken down with some great ones to view.

This part though, is all about toys.

A couple of weeks ago, @Jake1725 had posted some TMNT figures he had and something in me wanted to pry them away. Alright, it was the kid in my I admit it. Anyways, we got to talking and what went from a simple trade for toys escalated to cards and more.

But, it was the toys that was the main focus here.

The turtles range from a variety of years and forms. Some are space, some are regular.

Landed three different ones of my favorite, Leonardo.

Shredder is looking more mean than he did in the 90's.

The foot actually looks more aggressive, I wouldn't want to mess with them.

Even got a couple of Star Wars toys in the mix. Love the Darth Maul!

And here are the Turtles I really wanted the most. Why is that? These are from the originals of the early 90's. The ones on my want list that can bring me back some to my childhood. Who doesn't want to do that?

Raphael is looking pretty mean here.

While Mikey is looking goofy as always. This one is a 1991 Headdropoppin Mike

All of the newer turtles came with all of their weapons while the older ones did not. It's probably not easy to keep track of those after 20+ years.

Finally in the bottom of the box under the turtles, guess I lied about no cards in this post, there were these uncut sheets of cards.

These are my first uncut sheets. Pretty cool especially the 1995 Skybox Premium football which was already awesome uncut. These make great additions to my 90's PC.

This is just the kick off of this trade, plenty more to come down the road.

So for today, who is your favorite TMNT character?


  1. I tend to favor the smart / veteran characters, so for TMNT it was Donatello.

  2. Man, I remember the head-popping Turtles. I need to find and photograph my collection. I know I still have them even though I have not seen them in a while.

    1. I would love to see any tmnt figures you have!

  3. If I had to pick one TMNT figure to own, it'd be Usagi Yojimbo.

    1. I used to have him back in my younger years. Wished I had him still