Sunday, July 16, 2017

All Rise For This Mail Day

While trying to build up my Aaron Judge PC some more, I have been searching around for some trades I can make of some. Without even trying, my buddy @DJSeneseiNJ contacted me and offered some Judges up that he was looking to trade. I did hesitate for just a second not knowing what I would have to give up, but, that changed quickly and we worked out another great trade.

Up first I will show you the cards he tossed in for bonuses.

Some good Yanks here including some prospects. I am digging the Nick Johnson.

G-Men! I now need to re-update my total numbers again. Some new Odells and some Davis Webbs I didn't have.

Love Optic. It's filled my Chrome need in. Even though nothing will be as great as Topps Chrome but Optic is pretty solid.

My first Star Wars Patch card. These look super cool.

And now onto the trade goods.

A Stan Musial auto kicks us off. Any time I can add an autograph of a great, I will jump on it. His autos on most of his Leaf cards are really sloppy like this as it was later on in his life. Not the prettiest of autos, but at least I have one.

Now onto the meat of the trade and time for you all to rise...

Heritage rookie:

Gypsy Queen Rookie:

Fortune Teller insert:

Bowman Rookie Of The Year Winner, sorry Favorites. These look awesome!

2016 Bowman's Best Atomic refractor. I had the base already, now this one shines it all up a bit.

And a card from Heritage I was surprised was worth so much. But, these must be tougher finds.
I think my Judge PC now grows to 16 cards. Not a lot but not too bad for just starting. It will only get harder to acquire his stuff if he continues to slug the way he did the first half of the season. If he cools off, that may be the time to pick some up.
A big thanks goes out to @DJSeneseiNJ for another great trade and I look forward to our next.