Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Slam Dunk From @Jake1725

Here comes the next part of my trade with @Jake1725. Bet you didn't know that tiny box was so loaded full of great cards did you? Sad thing is, what I am showing in this series isn't going to be all of the cards!

So let's see what's in today's part.

Two inserts from 1995 Skybox Premium. Not only did it have solid base card design, but it also brought out some nice inserts. Paydirt has always been one of my favorites.

Derrick Brooks rookie card. This guy was a beast.

Two 90's inserts, I don't tell you I feel about them if you have read this blog enough.

Patrick Ewing. He was one of the big reasons I watched the Knicks besides Starks and Houston. I can't even watch them or basketball in general now.

Shaq. I can't ever look at this guy the same without referencing Aries Spears from Mad TV. If you never saw Spears as Shaq, give it a watch.

MJ! A guy I couldn't stand in the 90's is a guy I like adding cards of now. These make great additions to my small MJ PC.

And to finish it up, a KG rookie.
We are closing in on the grand finale of this trade. Another part coming up tomorrow!

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