Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 MLB Pick Em Prize For August

Four months are over in this promo and four prizes have been giving away while the other is building up big time with inserts and hits galore! That prize will be for the one who can MLB Pick Em Champ. But, it's never too late to join to be that as some twists and turns later in the game may take place. So spread the word.

Anyways, I posted the picks for the first week of August earlier today. Everyone has a clean slate for the July prize but have their points from April, May, June, July saved for the overall promo in those standings. August and beyond earned points will be added to those.

But, with a clean slate, that means anyone can enter to win this prize pack for the month of August,
A 2017 Stadium Club Seth Lugo Autograph and a box of 35pt Magentics from BCW Supplies.
There is only one way to win it however, join in on the August MLB Pick Em! 

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