Monday, July 24, 2017

Going For Gold, Judge and Jeter

Here is the next part of my card portion of my trade mail day with @Jake1725.

Now we get to check out some U.S. Olympic Cards that I thought were an awesome oddball add to my collection. There was a huge stack he included but here I am only showcasing a few names you may recognize from the set.

Michael Johnson:

Lance Armstrong. Is this considered his rookie??

Jesse Owens:

Now onto some baseball.

I was looking for an Ian Happ card and @Jake1725 stepped up and sent this one.

Mark McGwire before the controversy.

A couple of new Yanks inserts.

Some of those Yankee young guns.

Purple refractor /250. Very purty card.

This guys name sounds familiar.....I don't think I can have too many of these UD Jeter rookies.

This guys name rings a bell too...
And we finish it up with a few new Giants cards.
Overall, another solid part of this mail day and I haven't even gotten to the meaty portions yet. Another post coming up tomorrow! 


  1. I love the Olympic hall of fame set. I completed it a while back and have a ton of extras. If you want to complete the set I can probably make it happen.

    1. I may consider it. Will let you know if I do :) thanks

  2. Any trade package with a Jeter rookie card is a fine trade package.