Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Autograph Finale!

We have finally reached the finale of my trade with @Jake1725 and even with all of the greatness before this part, today's is the boom.

We start it off with a tougher Shaq insert from the 90's. I think it was 1:36 packs but from some searches I don't see many around.

Three football rookie autographs I always wanted from the 90's. These are all hand numbered to 1050 and consist of James Stewart, Michael Westbrook, and Joey Galloway. They are also all signed on-card.
These two I added just for the fun of prospecting. Not sure if Pinder or Taylor will ever really pan out but at least I have an autograph of theirs before they do.

This guy has hit well for years and I have always wanted to at least get an autograph of him, I don't feel sometimes Paul Goldshmidt always gets the respect he has earned. That's probably because he plays for the D-backs. If he was in NY....
The next autograph was an in-person one that Jake was happy to get for me and wait in line for. Bregman is close to being a break out star. This was the only way I was getting his autograph.
Nice blue ink on-card. @Jake1725 also chose a solid card to get signed.

George Springer has hit, hit, hit this year. Could be an MVP. I really wanted his autograph so I added this one /25

and then on top of it, added a rookie autograph as well.
Overall I am very happy with the trade we made. I added a ton of great cards for many PC parts and not to mention some stinkin' awesome TMNT toys. 

Thanks @Jake1725 for the trade and all of the bonus surprises! I look forward to our next trade already after this whopper. 

If you don't know @Jake1725, he runs the Inception Baseball: A Very Simple Idea blog. Go check it out and see his exciting Inception autograph project over many years and maybe you have something that can help him with it. Not to mention, add him to your blogrolls. Great guy and trader.

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