Sunday, July 30, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Topps Allen And Ginter Baseball

Quirky is one word that comes to mind when I think about Allen and Ginter. But, it's that quirkiness that what attracts me to it.

From baseball to iconic names in other sports and non sports to fish to trees to wonders of the world. Allen and Ginter has it all and comes together beautifully.

Last year I hit a sick dual autograph patch booklet, how did this year pan out, well, read on!

Every box of 2017 Allen and Ginter baseball comes with 24 Packs and 8 Cards Per Pack. There will be a mixture of three hits from autographs to rip cards to memorabilia cards.

They also come with a boxloader:
Boxes are currently running $115. 

Here was my boxloader card. These look kinda cool
There are also Allen & Ginter Boxloader Autograph, Allen & Ginter Boxloader Autographed Relic, and Allen & Ginter Boxloader Cut Signature.

Now onto the inner parts of the product.
The base set is 300 cards deep. There are also 50 Sp cards that fall 1:2 packs making up the 350 card master set.

The design is pretty simple and sticks to the norm for Allen and Ginter. It's main focus is the person on the card along with some added artsy color.

The base set is a mixture of stars past, present, and future along with some fun ones as well including

Harriet Tubman, baseball announcers and a panda.

Key rookies in the base set are, Aaron Judge, Andrew Benintendi, Alex Bregman, Yoan Moncada, Dansby Swanson, Manny Margot, Yulieski Gurriel, David Dahl, Ryon Healy, Carson Fulmer, Amir Garrett, Hunter Renfroe, and Trey Mancini. I pulled some of them but didn't pull any of the key rookies besides Swanson.

There are two base card parallels that are tough to find as well. Hot Box Parallel that are only found in Ginter hot boxes and Glossy Parallel that is Printed on glossy stock and numbered 1 of 1.

Now onto the inserts which there are plenty.
Mini's go wild and you find one per pack.

The minis have parallels of Allen & Ginter that falls 1:5 Packs which I showed the back here mixed in.

And Allen & Ginter Black-Bordered  that falls 1:10 Packs. Did pretty well with the two I found in my box.

There is also, Allen & Ginter No Number and Allen & Ginter Brooklyn Back minis that are numbered to 25.

There are mini inserts to find as well including,
World's Dudes, Bust a Move! (which you don't wanna see me do the hula), Required Reading, Magicians & Illusionists and Constellations that I have heard glow in the dark. My box didn't have one.

Full size inserts include the following,

What a Day!

World's Fair

Revolutionary Battles

(didn't find the name for these)

Sport Fish & Fishing Lures

And more of the Rediscover Topps inserts. I find these are a bit odd to find in this product. I think they should stay with Flagship, Update, Heritage type products. They didn't feel like they fit in here.

There are a ton of fun hits in Ginter. From sports to non sport idols there should be something for everyone.

My first find was a relic of Noah Sydergaard.

My second is cool and quirky. This is one of my favorite parts of Ginter.

And my final hit was this amazing looking Mini Framed relic Mattingly with a pinstripe.
 Other hits not found in my box are,  
Allen & Ginter RIP Cards (I still have always wanted one of these but no such luck so far),
Allen & Ginter Double RIP Cards. Here is what can be found in the rip cards:
Allen & Ginter Artist Original Cards numbered 1/1, Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusive Cards, Allen & Ginter Mini Metal Exclusive Cards Numbered to 3, Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusive Cards Numbered 1 of 1.

 Allen & Ginter Framed Gems & Ancient Fossils (so cool!!!!), Allen & Ginter Framed Fictional Figures Relics, Allen & Ginter Autographed Relic Book Cards, Allen & Ginter Dual Autographed Relic Book Cards, Allen & Ginter Framed Mini Autograph Cards, Allen & Ginter Framed Originals
and Cut Signatures.

OVERALL: I was a little disappointed I didn't pull an autograph or rip card. Finding three relics for my hits was not the best. However, the framed one does look extremely nice. I know it's supposed to be a mix of the three but I think three relics is not a good find for box that costs over $100. I think if two are relics the third should be an autograph or rip card. Or maybe it just needs to go to two hits and one and one. Not sure.

But, I was once again happy with the design and the possible finds. Those Ancient Fossil cards look amazing from what I see. 

I will leave you with this, if you enjoyed Ginter before, you will enjoy Ginter again.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the MLB Pick Em promotion.  Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well. 


  1. Thanks to the great people at Topps for the cards...I'll be getting all the Tigers cards that I can for sure.

  2. Are any of the cards pulled for trade? I need the Cutch base

  3. I'd be really happy with that box! I'd also be interested in trading, particularly for the Rizzo boxloader

  4. As expensive as those boxes are, you'd think that they could at least guarantee one auto. #CollectFail

  5. That Mattingly is a pretty cool hit. I don't think I've ever pulled a jersey card of him before and I haven't seen his relics sitting in bargain bins either.

  6. Got the Cutch. Thanks so much man!!!

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